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Security Token Development

Future of fundraising is here. Amplify your
project funding at a stellar pace with
security token offerings.

Antier fuels the future of legal fundraising through strategic consulting and forward-thinking security token
development services. Your idea on the anvil is intelligently shaped into a perfect solution that facilitates market
penetration and engagement with potential investors. Our mission-driven approach drawn from our strength in
technology areas leads to meaningful business outcomes to nurture your growth.

Types of STO development services

Types of Asset Tokenization

Real Estate

Nurture growth in your business by tokenizing real estate assets, making them accessible to investors globally and digitally.


Tokenize art pieces and scale your capabilities to support your business’ strategy and needs.

Venture Capital Funds

Leverage the key to tokenize venture capital funds and unlock better fundraising opportunities.

Exclusive Goods

Back your tokens by goods like collectible cars, coin and jewelry and bring more investors on board.

Illiquid Asset

Tokenize illiquid assets to convert them to cash without any loss in their value.

Mining Repository

Step into the future of commodity by tokenizing assets like gold, silver and renewable energy.

Security token offering services

Security Token Offering Development

A coherent roadmap to create a strategic plan navigates your security token development journey with Antier. We employ best approaches, practices and programs based on your business goals to help you extract business value from your idea. All essential aspects associated with STO, such as SEC regulations and smart contract development are diligently taken care of.

Security Token Exchange Platform Development

Our security token development company follows end-to-end programmatic approach to build a secure, SEC-compliant exchange underpinned by features like modular architecture, powerful trade engine, high liquidity and smart contract integration. Members of our strongly cohesive teams accelerate your deployments and align activities with your goals to propel your business growth.

STO Marketing

Cut through the noise with our multichannel marketing approach to stay ahead of the competition. Our fact-supported recommendations and in-depth understanding of competitive STO industry help you leverage the best opportunities in the market. The most effective communications coupled with the right marketing platforms command investors’ attention and influence their perceptions and behaviors.

Tokenized Asset Offering Development

Asset tokenization is bringing trillions of dollars to the blockchain. Leverage our strategy-driven approach to lay a solid foundation for digital business transformation.

Features of security token offerings

Benefits of security token development

  • Automated dividends
  • Profit sharing rights
  • Cash flow
  • Voting rights
  • Buyback rights
  • Holdings in another fund

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