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The three flavors of Metaverse

Meta-worlds represent continuous, immersive environments where substantial user groups, represented through avatars, engage in socialization, collaboration, and various other interactions. Each meta-world is distinct, characterized by unique content, governing rules, and specific business models, individual economies. In these virtual spaces, users have the capability to own, purchase, or sell an array of assets, both digital and physical.
Virtual assets
In the metaverse's economic structure, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are fundamental, ideally moving fluidly between meta-worlds via blockchain technology. However, this interoperability is still evolving and has yet to be fully realized.
Digital technology is rapidly advancing, ushering in a new wave of interactive 3D experiences. Virtual reality (VR) provides full immersion using headsets, augmented reality (AR) enhances real views with digital elements through glasses, and mixed reality (MR) combines both, enabling interactions with digital objects in the physical world. These technologies represent a significant evolution in how we interact digitally, offering increasingly immersive and dynamic experiences.


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