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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange –

Following a decentralized approach to interactions

Exploiting the fundamental concept of blockchain technology, which is decentralization, a P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange executes transactions without any
third-party involvement, while connecting the buyers and sellers directly. The platform is underpinned by a smart contract-based Escrow
system to foster trusted transactions.

Realize the power of P2P trading

Tap into the rapidly growing peer-to-peer trading network with our mission-driven approach to develop P2P exchange software.

Our strongly cohesive teams align strategic processes with your goals to deliver an ecosystem of trust. A coherent roadmap combined with our domain expertise and technology agnostic process navigates the future of P2P trading process and accelerates time-to-market.

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Features

How P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange works

  • Users (Buyers and Sellers) register on a P2P exchange platform
  • Users undergo KYC verification process
  • Buyer places a buy order
  • A wallet address is created for the Buyer
  • The matching engine matches the Buyer with the right Seller
  • The buyer and seller confirm and agree on the terms of the trade
  • Smart contract-based Escrow holds Seller’s crypto assets to be sold
  • Buyer makes the payment for crypto assets to be purchased
  • The seller confirms the payment
  • Escrow releases crypto assets, transferring the same to Buyer’s wallet address
  • Buyer can transfer the assets to cold wallet

Our P2P Exchange Development Process

  • Requirement Gathering and Planning

    Acquire in-depth understanding of your business goals and devise a strategic plan for peer to peer exchange development to incubate an application that aligns with your objectives.

  • Build the Solution

    Design and architect P2P solution with technology and process considerations on the chosen platform, while addressing crucial aspects like UI/UX security, smart contract and legal policies.

  • Coin/Token Listing

    List required coins or tokens on to the exchange.

  • Test and improve

    Test the exchange for necessary performance and usability and make required improvements accordingly.

  • Deliver

    Implement P2P solution into your IT environment with the help of our dedicated blockchain team. Enable changes and updates.


1Why do most business owners want to build P2P Crypto exchange platform?
Starting the P2P crypto exchange platform is the best idea to enter in the crypto world. As we know that many traders want to invest in p2p exchange because they do not like the involvement of third-party in their trading process and it also promises high security.
2How does a P2P cryptocurrency exchange work?
A peer-to-peer transaction consists of two parties having data related to each other. Instead of using an order book to pair buy and sell order, and controlling the traders’ funds on the trading platform, the P2P crypto exchange model enables the market participants to trade directly with each other without the need of any third party to process their trades or hold funds.
3What is the use of peer-to-peer exchange?
On P2P exchange, orders are directly matched when a buyer finds the preferred seller without the involvement of a middleman. This trading method is extremely secure, time-saving, cost-effective, and risk-free.
4What is the future of peer-to-peer apps?
P2P applications are widely used for decentralized storage. It uses peer-to-peer to host files but adds a layer of accountability and incentives by integrating blockchain technology.
5What are the advantages of the peer-to-peer network?
1. Easily install 2. Cost-effective 3. Reduce extra server cost 4. Secure channel 5. Worldwide transaction provision

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