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Real Estate Blockchain Development

Antier’s signature smart contracting for real estate simplifies the data capturing, analyzing & tracing of all real estate properties smartly and accurately. Our smart property management solution minimizes data silos and ensures transparency at abbreviated costs.

The Need of Blockchain for Real Estate

Major inconsistencies plaguing the real estate landscape:

Land titles continue to rely on paper documentation, vulnerable to loss, fraud, and mismanagement. In addition, property transfers and permits require a multitude of lengthy and costly legal procedures, sometimes locking land in unproductive use.

Larger construction projects have become increasingly difficult to manage with fractured sub-contracting, procurement practices, and a lack of supply chain transparency.

Property development firms face challenges raising finances for new projects. Working with single loan sources incurs high interest rates, while crowd financing and loan syndication are difficult to administer.

Antier’s Solution for Real Estate Blockchain

Antier eliminates the complexity of legacy systems, offering a secure and immutable digital registry, complete with document authentication and transaction transparency.

A trusted asset title and documentation processes improves investor confidence, helps facilitate market transactions, unlocks access to finance, and advances economic and social community development.

Offers banking institutions a single version of verified information, secure data sharing, immutable transaction monitoring, and real-time payment settlement. Blockchain facilitates secure data sharing, streamlines rental collections and payments to property owners, and provides premium due diligence across the portfolio. This increases operational efficiencies, reduces overhead costs, and generates substantially richer data to inform better decision making.

With Antier’s Real Estate blockchain solution, enterprises can:

  • Make land registries more secure, efficient, and transparent
  • Revolutionize loan and mortgage securitization
  • Improve property search process
  • Unlock access to alternative financing options for property development
  • Accelerate real estate investment management with digital assets

Our Blockchain for Real Estate Development Services

We provide the following blockchain services for real estate.

Antier’s Value Proposition: Real Estate over Blockchain Benefits

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