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For over 10 years, Antier is helping businesses to adopt new technologies to stay ahead of change. Our rigorous research, design thinking-driven approach and unmatched solutions in strategy, consulting, technology and operations create an innovative roadmap to help enterprises worldwide transit from conventional technology platforms to blockchain-driven systems. We are driven by the aim to identify and seize opportunities from disruption to deliver transformational outcomes for a new decentralized digital world.

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Vikram R Singh

Managing Director

Matthew Collins

Director, UK

Inam UR-Raham


Clifton Cooper

Business Head, US


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About Vikram R Singh

As the founder of Antier Solutions, and with more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the field of bespoke application development, design and print, he has sailed Antier to where it stands today. With a degree in Computer Applications and in Journalism, his entrepreneurial journey has witnessed its fair share of challenges, only to strengthen his resolve. His perseverance and determination are the backbone of Antier, leading every team member and consequentially the organisation towards unbound success. He is also the brainchild behind our products viz:, and

About Matthew Collins

An entrepreneur and business owner of over 25 years, Matthew started his first business specialising in print management and graphic design services and has worked with clients such as British Airways Holidays, Tourism New Zealand and Giorgio Armani UK, since 2011 he has also developed a service of providing development work such as mobile apps, website and software solutions.

Matthew is a commercial operator with multi skill sets, his passion remains a focus on ensuring that a customer receives only the very best in service and a high degree of satisfaction within any working relationship, as a Director and shareholder of Antier Solutions he is proud to be part of a dedicated team who offer a multitude of services coupled with a passion for mutual success.

Married with 3 daughters, Matthew is based in East Sussex and works between both here and the office in Nottingham looking after a client base covering both the UK and mainland Europe.

About Inam UR-Raham

Inam is passionate about anything related to technology and product development. He has over 13 years of experience focusing on the delivery of technical solutions across a spectrum of projects and technology stacks with brand names from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 list. Recently he has been engaged with Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) and William Hill.

Coming from a FinTech and a Digital background, Inam's key focus is on Blockchain and Digital space. As Chief Technology Officer and Head of Commercial for UK and Europe, Inam is passionate about evangelising the use of Blockchain in the form of Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Digital Exchanges and solutions developed around Blockchain to address logistical problems in a number of sectors. He also assists the UK and Europe operations from a technology point of view as well when it comes to Digital domain for Web and Mobile applications development, from inception to delivery.

Inam lives in the leafy Wimbledon area of London. A Cambridge alumnus in Computer Science. In his spare time he likes to play with code where possible, recently exploring IoT side of things. Inam also holds an MBA.

About Clifton Cooper

Clifton has over 10 years of experience in website design, digital marketing and development. He previously held senior level digital assets management positions for a premier Fortune 1000 Company for 5 years where he excelled as the lead web architect for various online tools, micro-sites, electronic tools & interactive presentations, and continues to consult for the company on their largest customer facing projects, year round. As the Managing Partner for our USA division, he oversees new client acquisition and offshore corporate staffing for businesses looking to hire dedicated resources.