Client Background

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cardax is a pioneering company focused on developing cutting-edge solutions on the Cardano blockchain, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals.

The transformative potential of privacy and financial freedom impelled the visionary founders of Cardax to embark on a mission to create a holistic, decentralized trading platform. With a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the economic landscape, Cardax empowers users to engage in private and secure trading, contributing to a brighter future.


Decentralized Trading Platform On Cardano


Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands


Software Development

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Business Requirement

Cardax, a mission-driven business, sought our expertise to construct a non-custodial exchange platform capable of surmounting the prevalent challenges that afflict user experiences across various centralized and decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms. Given our unprecedented proficiency in cryptocurrency exchange development and proven track record of delivering state-of-the-art DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols, Cardax entrusted us to employ relevant technologies and pertinent frameworks to ensure impeccable performance.

Major challenges and concerns of the client included:

Third-Party Oversight and Control
Inability to Trade Multiple Tokens On One DEX
Complicated User Interface (UI) & features
Slippage Issues
Lack of Privacy

Analysis & Approach

Our proficiency in decentralized exchange development stands as a cornerstone of our capabilities, and we take immense pride in our continuous excellence spanning over seven years. Our dedicated team of subject matter experts comprehensively analyzed the project requirements, paving the way for the diligent development of a performance-focused decentralized crypto trading platform. We adopted a hybrid approach and integrated the best practices and methodologies to ensure optimal efficiency. Our DEX development methodology encompasses the following key steps:


Requirement Gathering


Architecture Design


Web UI Design, Integration and Testing


SOW Locking


Smart Contract Development


Deployment and Support

Analysis & Approach

In this case study on NFT, our NFT development team embraces the agile approach, showcasing their exceptional expertise by seamlessly navigating the development lifecycle, delivering an innovative NFT marketplace with unrivaled precision and a skillset that fosters rapid iteration and continuous value creation.

About Cardax

Cardax is an automated market maker (AMM) non-custodial trading platform designed to provide users the power to trade a wide range of assets, including ERC-20 tokens, Cardano native tokens, and stablecoins. The platform operates within a decentralized trading ecosystem that places utmost importance on safeguarding your privacy and autonomy.

Cardax has set a new precedent in the DeFi realm as the first-ever trading platform built on Cardano. As a proof-of-stake blockchain platform, Cardano facilitates the seamless execution of peer-to-peer transactions, ensuring utmost efficiency and reliability in every trade.

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Key Differentiators

Cardax stands out as the first-of-its-kind DEX built on the Cardano blockchain, setting a new standard in the market.

The pioneering protocol enables traders to trade native Cardano tokens for stablecoins, introducing an innovative feature to the platform.


Automated Market Makers

Multi-chain and Cross-Chain Compatibility

High Transaction Throughput

Simplified UI/UX

Anonymous Trading

Token Swap

Technology Stack

  • Frontend
  • Reactjs
  • Backend
  • Nodejs
  • Smart contract
  • Solidity
  • Blockchain
  • Milkomeda (Cardano)
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