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Fast-Forward Your Business With White Label Crypto Exchange Development

The burgeoning crypto market offers myriad opportunities to earn and multiply financial gain – to exchange owners. Businesses across the globe are capitalizing on this opportunity to rake in huge profits. This has led to cut-throat competition in the crypto world. Businesses that act today can amplify their opportunities to thrive tomorrow.

At Antier, we help you cut through the noise and take the lead with our white label crypto exchange development services. We harness our blockchain experience and expertise to provide you with highly-secure, feature-rich white label cryptocurrency exchange software customized as per your company’s brand requirements, which accelerates time to market and enables you to tap into the crypto market in just 3 weeks. Our white label exchange software is reinforced with micro-services architecture, thus designed to deliver best-in-class performance and user experience.

Apart from providing white label crypto exchange software, we specialize in building a custom crypto exchange from scratch. Whether you rely on us for white label solution or custom exchange cryptocurrency exchange development, we create a harmonious trifecta of technology, design-driven thinking and intelligent strategies to help you accomplish your business goals and drive measurable business benefits.

Business Benefits of choosing our White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Features Of Our White Label Exchange Software

We reinforce our white label crypto exchange with the following features to deliver high-performance software.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Features

Unique Features of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange

Margin Trading

Margin trading involves using borrowed funds to lever up a trade, opening a larger position with a smaller amount of funds of a trader. An exchange integrated with margin trading allows traders to borrow a specific amount of funds to increase the size of their orders, which maximizes the gain from profitable trades.

Underpin your exchange with margin trading to empower your users to amplify their gain from market swings. Position yourself as a preferred exchange among traders and increase your business revenue.

Key features:

  • 100:1 leverage
  • Advanced order types
  • Risk management
  • Pro trading interface
  • Robust Admin panel
  • Multi-layer security
  • Well-thought-out free structure

Derivatives Trading (Futures Contract)

Bitcoin and digital assets are volatile in nature. Futures, or futures contracts, are an agreement between the buyers and sellers to buy or sell assets at a later date for a fixed price. Futures are leveraged by traders to hedge other investments or lock in profits when trading in volatile crypto market.

Fortify your crypto exchange with futures contracts to let your users speculate on the market position and alleviate the risk.

Key features:

  • Long-Short contracts
  • High throughput and low latency
  • Position holding
  • High TPS
  • Tight spreads and high liquidity
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Risk management

Derivatives Trading (Perpetual Contracts)

Unlike futures contracts, perpetual contracts do not have an obligation to buy or sell an asset on a specific date in the future. Instead, one can buy a contract if one believes that the price of a given asset will elevate, or on the contrary, sell if one anticipates that the price of the asset will drop in the future.

Reinforce your cryptocurrency exchange with perpetual contracts to provide your users with advanced trading options and take the lead in the highly-competitive crypto market.

Key features:

  • Stable and trustworthy
  • Risk management
  • Centralized
  • High throughput and low latency
  • High TPS

Copy Trading

Trading cryptocurrencies for profits is not easy, especially for the beginners. Fortunately, the concept of copy trading makes things easy for new investors. It allows the traders to mirror the trades of professional traders and benefit from their trading strategies.

Fortify your exchange with copy trading to allow your users to capitalize on trade history and strategies of expert traders.

Key features:

  • Multi-portfolio creation
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Extended charts and tables
  • Daily profit/revenue calculator
  • Supports over 200 trading pairs

Our Software Modules Include


Client App Dashboard

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Order book to view buy-sell prices of crypto assets on the exchange
  • View hot wallet’s balance of all cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies
  • View open orders
  • 24-hour order history
  • Monitor real-time crypto trading prices filtered by time period


Admin Panel

  • Shows data rich dashboard, buy-sell transactions, send-receive transactions, users
  • Provides a real-time view of exchange and the cryptocurrency transactions filtered by a time period
  • Exhibits the user details and status of user documents
  • Displays the transaction ID, time stamp, amount and description of the transaction
  • Displays the transaction ID, details of sender or receiver like email ID, description and timestamp etc.


Order Book

  • Shows the transactions pending for authorization by the Admin
  • Shows the various cryptocurrency balance at a certain instance
  • Provides an overview of cryptocurrency node balance for various cryptocurrencies
  • Provides an overview of the bid table and ask table mentioning the bid ID, amount and quantity
  • Shows information like name ID, Email ID, phone, amount and the beneficiary bank details and the transaction status in payment order dashboard


Our Support Includes

  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Production support
  • Upgrades
  • Security patches

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Our cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange platform development company offers the following services to help in cryptocurrency adoption.


1How long does it take to build a crypto exchange?
The development time depends on the type of exchange you choose to build. While a white label crypto exchange can be launched in just 3 weeks, a custom exchange built from scratch can take relatively longer time for development.
2What are the essential features of a crypto exchange?
The crucial features that must be there in any exchange include security, scalability and performance. The exchange fortified with these features is seen as a reliable option and is more likely to gain more users.
3Is KYC/AML necessary for every crypto exchange?
KYC and AML verification help exchange owners to confirm the authenticity of users, thus every exchange should be reinforced with geography-based KYC and AML verification processes.
4How much does it cost to build a white label crypto exchange?
If you want to build a custom exchange, the cost depends on the features that you want to integrate into the exchange.
5How much does it cost to run a crypto exchange on a dedicated server?
The cost of a dedicated server depends on certain factors such as its internet speed, operating system, disk space, response time, data transfer speed, memory/RAM, processor, security, and 24*7 support system.
6How do I get a cryptocurrency exchange license?
There are only a few countries in the world which are issuing crypto exchange license- Estonia, Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK. There are two types of licenses- Specialized crypto license and Traditional license, which you can use to make your exchange legalized.

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