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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Unlock the Business Value of Blockchain-Powered Wallets

As of December 2021, the global crypto market had 295 million users, and the number is opined to grow to 1 billion by December 2022. Financial institutions and crypto enterprises seek to capitalize on opportunities created by the burgeoning crypto market. Different businesses have had different degrees of success by tapping into the crypto market and launching their crypto wallets.

At Antier Solutions, we offer comprehensive crypto wallet development services to make it easier for businesses to launch their crypto wallets. We leverage our rich experience and deep understanding of the wallet market to build a great white label digital wallet experience for your organization. In addition, we specialize in the development of custom wallets from the ground up. Our breadth of experience and design-thinking-driven solutions have helped us position ourselves as the best crypto wallet development company.

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We have a global footprint across the globe with:


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Antier's Expertise: Delivering Tailor-Made Wallets Aligned with Business Needs


Custodial Wallet Development

Secure your users’ sensitive data and private keys on their behalf Provide them with the most user-friendly wallet that is easy to set up. Enable easy recovery of a user account by providing your user with the required information.

Non-Custodial Wallet Development

Enable your users to gain complete control over their private keys and funds. Provide them with a browser for dApps to use decentralized applications, without leaving the wallet. Give them an option to swap and stake their crypto assets.
Nft Wallet

NFT Wallet Development

Provide your users with custodial or non-custodial wallets.Enable secure storage and transfer of a variety of non-fungible tokens. Leverage institutional-grade security and ease of use.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Provide your users with a wallet that supports a spectrum of coins and tokens. Enablebuying/selling and storage of multiple crypto at one place. Facilitate transfer and storage of crypto assets.

Get a world-class mobile or web wallet for your business needs.

Our White Label Crypto Wallet Solution

We harness our knowledge and expertise to deliver performance-optimized white label multi currency wallet solution that aligns with your goals and corporate identity.

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Security Features of our White Label Crypto Wallet

We leveraged market-leading security features to achieve institutional-grade security of our white label wallet.

Reasons to Choose our Crypto Wallet App Solution

We navigate your white label crypto wallet development journey while ensuring meaningful outcomes and that your business achieves tangible results.

  • Tested with a user base of 100 million people
  • Highly-secure and scalable infrastructure
  • Flawless performance on web and mobile
  • Accelerated transactions
  • Self-explanatory interface
  • Easy management of cryptocurrencies
  • Ready-to-deploy – can be launched in just 7 days
  • Seamless linking to any crypto exchange
  • Ideal for use as a standalone app

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

We follow a four-part innovative process to steer your development journey


We work hands-on with our clients to comprehend their needs and contextualize blockchain for their business. We do so while exploring the benefits and challenges and co-innovating around the use case.


We help our clients prepare for the market disruption as a result of a successful crypto wallet launch. Our strategy and advisory services help clients gauge organizational readiness, anticipate the business impact, and devise a go-to-market plan.


We design and architect a crypto wallet, leveraging our rich domain knowledge and breadth of expertise. We work across the organization to engage stakeholders to build solutions ready for deployment.


We implement a crypto wallet solution and authorize updates and changes. We constantly deliver our services and support even after product deployment to ensure that our solutions have a tangible impact on our clients’ businesses.

Why Choose us as your Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

By partnering with Antier, you can rely on a team of seasoned cryptocurrency wallet developers with real-world experience creating success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antier Solutions is a metaverse development company and can help you get started with moving to the metaverse.

1What is the cost to build a crypto wallet?
Just like the development time, the development cost depends on whether you need a white label solution or a customized solution, blockchain-specific wallet or multi-currency wallet, and the features you want to integrate into your wallet.
2How to enhance the security of a crypto wallet?
In addition to standard features like password-protected access and two-factor authentication (2FA), other market-leading security features can be leveraged, such as biometric authentication and multi-signature support.
3How to develop a wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet?
Both of these are non-custodial and leading wallets. If you want to build similar wallets, connect with our subject matter experts to get world-class products fortified with market-leading features and institutional-grade security.
4How do I create a TRC20 wallet?
The seasoned blockchain engineers and domain experts at Antier can help you quickly build and launch your TRC20 wallet. Partner with us to harness our blockchain experience and expertise, and get a performance-optimized product that helps you gain an essential competitive edge.
5Why should I choose Antier Solutions for cryptocurrency wallet development?
The team of over 500 blockchain experts at Antier leverages its trifecta of deep domain knowledge, breadth of experience, and technical prowess to deliver: • White label wallet solution to accelerate your time-to-market • Tailor-made wallets that support single as well as multiple blockchains as per your business requirements • Wallets for fungible and non-fungible tokens • Centralized and decentralized wallets • Web, mobile, and desktop wallets
6How long does it take to build a crypto wallet?
The time depends on the following factors: • Type of wallet you want to build – white label or customized wallet from scratch. A white label wallet can be launched in much less time compared to a customized wallet. • Blockchain-specific or multi-currency – a blockchain-specific wallet, such as a Bitcoin wallet, an Ethereum wallet, or a wallet built on any other blockchain, can be developed in less time compared to a multi-currency wallet. This is because multi-currency wallet development requires the integration of different blockchains. For example, if you want a multi-currency wallet to support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, then each chain has to be integrated into the wallet, which requires respective time and effort. • Features to be integrated – more the features, more will be the development time.

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