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Crypto Friendly Banking Solutions

We provide a complete white label banking ecosystem to help you launch your crypto-friendly bank.

Crypto Friendly Banking Solutions Providers

Your trusted technology partner to build digital asset bank

Are you an early stage start-up, a well-established organization, or a financial institution looking to launch a cryptobank? Accelerate your product launch with Antier.

We provide a white label digital asset banking solution to back you up with everything you need to run your cryptocurrency bank. Our white label Fintech platform offers all essential banking functions - from bank accounts, credit/debit cards, and payments to trading, lending, and user onboarding.

What is our White Label
Digital Asset Bank Solution

Bringing cryptocurrency in banking

With our mission to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, we developed white label digital asset bank software to help you launch a bank for the new economy.

Our platform:
  • Streamlines and accelerates the process to build and run a complete digital bank that helps you gain an essential competitive edge.
  • Serves as a cornerstone of augmented performance - even for established banks while enabling them to maintain their core legacy system.

Backbone of our White Label Crypto
Friendly Banking Platform

Fully integrated banking modules to enable smooth banking operations

Our crypto friendly mobile banking solution provides all necessary banking functions that your customers expect. It is designed to handle all your customers’ needs with:

  • Intuitive front-end: Leverage our ready-to-use white label mobile application or plug our banking modules into your existing infrastructure.
  • Secure API: Harness our API management system to ensure seamless connectivity with a third party.
  • Banking modules: Ensure frictionless banking experience for your customers with complete banking modules like customer onboarding, customer account, trading, lending, and payments.

Our Fintech Banking Solution

Everything you need for digital asset bank development

As specialists in digital asset technology, we provide crypto friendly core banking solution packed with the following:

Build digital asset bank

Bank Account

Get a SEPA IBAN account and SWIFT IBAN account under your name to facilitate payments for your customers in the European region and globally respectively.
Build crypto friendly banking solutions

Debit Card

Provide your customers with debit cards – loaded with fiat and cryptocurrencies – which can be used at merchants globally, both online and in-store.
Start digital asset bank

Credit Card

Issue your contactless cards (Mastercard) to let your customers easily spend crypto and fiat currencies in real life, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
fintech core banking system

User-controlled Wallet

Give your customers a secure crypto wallet to store and transfer multiple cryptocurrencies. Your customers own their private keys and have complete control over their funds.
fintech solutions for banks


Get a decentralized remittance platform that enables quick, secure, and efficient cross-border transactions.
Best white label digital asset bank software


Benefit from a payment platform that enables POS (Point of Sale) payments using crypto and fiat currency, allowing unrestricted access to borderless payments.
Build digital asset banking solution

Merchant Payment Gateway

Launch a trade finance platform that allows your users to seamlessly send or receive business payments from anyone in the world.
digital asset bank Solution

Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

Get a trading platform to enable your customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from their bank account.

Leverage TextBit to enable your
customers to exchange crypto for free

Usually, sending cryptocurrency to someone locally or globally requires users to pay a mining fee to the network.

TextBit enables your customers to send cryptocurrency for free via SMS. It is easy to use – your customers can simply select a contact from their phonebook and ensure direct transfer of assets. All of the transactions are confirmed via two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure secure transfer of funds

Why count on us to Launch your Crypto Friendly Bank

By partnering with Antier, you can rely on a team of finance and technical experts with real-world experience creating
digital banking success stories.

Technical Prowess

We exclusively work in Blockchain technologies. We do one thing, and we do it well.

Expert Team

We have 50+ experts who help you refine your offering, suggest the best tech approach, and even help set up communities and campaigns.

Rapid Development

We deliver customized products suited to your target audience. A coherent roadmap ensures smooth and accelerated development and deployment.

Complete Support

Our work does not end with the product launch. We provide extensive post-delivery services so that you can focus on your growth.

Meaningful Outcomes

We create a tangible impact. We make sure you see value from your investments.

Regulations and Compliance

We get all regulatory approvals and take care of all compliance matters on your behalf.

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We will never share your information and always
give #1 priority for your privacy.