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Finance on self-governed Blockchain platforms

Decentralized Finance Development
The Future Without Banks

DeFi represents an open financial environment wherein anyone can join, trade and earn interest without the dependency over a centralized entity such
as banks. Antier helps you embrace the power of decentralized finance token development and build secure, outcome-oriented and lasting business models.

The Finance World Before DeFi

The century old traditional finance ecosystem is plagued with inconsistencies that have finally begun to question its credibility.
No matter how flawless your banker is, they still miss the market hints while putting your assets to unimaginable risk.
And when the global assets are put to such risk, widespread losses are inevitable.

Moreover, the traditional finance ecosystem is not accessible to everyone and thereby isolates a large pool of investors from the primary markets. Consequentially, excessive dependency upon capital investors has cramped their socio-economic impact.

Embracing decentralized financial currency development, institutions can address the below complexities, revamp their model and contribute towards a fairer world

  • No Accountability No Accountability
  • Prone to Risks Prone to Risks
  • Uncontrollable Volatility Uncontrollable Volatility
  • Delayed Transfers Delayed Transfers
  • Frauds Frauds
  • Inaccessible Inaccessible

The World With Decentralized Finance

DeFi is an opportunity for finance services providers to take a leap, embrace decentralized Blockchain development and undergo an overarching reincarnation of their products. Using open-source protocols to conceive enterprise-grade solutions, DeFi solutions empower investors gain complete ownership of their assets and trade them in a transparent environment.

To put it simply, financial engagements on DeFi are driven by automated Smart Contracts built by code. Therefore, the model extracts all the benefits of a Blockchain environment with a finance spin.

Improving access to major finance services such as lending / borrowing, trading and market making, DeFi can potentially aid millions of unbanked people. That means, all you need is an internet connection to drive your monetary functions without depending upon anyone.

Consider lending loans to any borrower in the world minus the interference of banks or regulatory bodies. This is a classic use case that ensures drastic reduction in interest rates and wider reach.

Antier creates a completely democratic lending environment wherein anyone can hold and invest their assets by directly engaging with the other party. Given our proven expertise in Blockchain, we pioneered decentralized finance token development.

With Antier – Create Financial dApps Completely Governed By Code

With the limitless possibilities of DeFi, we aim to simplify the provision of lending by steering the ownership to the investors over an agile and fast platform. Having successfully commenced numerous deployments, we know the road to conceive the best DeFi services that are immutable, scalable and highly interoperable. Our end-to-end lending technology synchs with the industrial vision of rewriting the fate of fintech.

Antier helps you absorb the pressures of a ruthlessly evolving fintech landscape and make a secure transition to decentralization. As staunch believers of the decentralized economy, we have empowered organizations to navigate from traditional setups through highly responsive and arbitration-free DeFi platform development. Eventually, our customers have able to detach from capital market restrictions and pitch a completely transparent product that anyone can subscribe to.

While there’s no end to our mission to ensure best DeFi token services, our customers have benefited from

  • Nullified risks & frauds Nullified risks & frauds
  • Total ownership of assets to the users Total ownership of assets to the users
  • Better interoperability between stake holders Better interoperability between stake holders
  • Lightning node network enabling unlimited transactions Lightning node network enabling unlimited transactions
  • Deep rooted customer loyalty and lasting associations Deep rooted customer loyalty and lasting associations

Our DeFi Centre of Excellence

We own proven experience in the following DeFi services

Why Choose usWhy Choose us


1What is DeFi?
DeFi represents an open finance ecosystem over a Blockchain platform wherein users can directly engage into financial services with each other. For example, lending, trading, etc.
2What are the benefits of DeFi?
DEFI works on automated contracts that further ensure no frauds, instantaneous liquidity and reachability with global investors.
3Who can use DeFi?
Any individual or a professional investors with any amount of fiat currency or fraction or crypto currency can signup on DeFi platform and start trading.
4Who can build DeFi platforms?
Any finance services provider whether individual or agency such as Venture Capitalists, lending providers, trade exchanges can add the DeFi model to their services.
5How is DeFi better than centralized crypto exchanges?
Crypto exchanges may not necessarily be decentralized. The currencies are decentralized. With DEX, investors can directly sell or borrow tokens from each other thereby eliminating the intermediary fee.
6Is DeFi secure?
DeFi platforms are driven by code (smart contracts) that make the entire process automated and immutable. With no manual interference, they are secure and scalable.

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