Client Background

The client is on a promising path to becoming a leading provider of the automated yield farming platform in the DeFi space. With a strong commitment to security, decentralization, and user experience, the client strives to provide crypto users with attractive yield-generating opportunities while navigating the complexities of the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.


Automated Yield Farming





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Business Requirement

The client wanted to develop a comprehensive Decentralized Exchange & Automatic Liquidity Acquisition Yield Farming platform that helps users handle complexities of yield optimization, rebalancing, and asset allocation by maximizing the potential returns with minimal effort.

Primary Challenges:

Inefficient Crypto Asset Management
Suboptimal Yield Farming Strategies
Complex Asset Rebalancing Methods
Manual Investment Management
Untraceable Yield Farming Opportunities

Analysis & Approach

Given our strong foundation in developing crypto exchange platforms, we followed an agile approach to address on-demand change requests in iteration. Our team engaged in a series of discussions and workshops to sync with the customer’s vision and the core target areas. We helped the client with end-to-end ideation, feasibility analysis, and the development of a decentralized exchange. Subsequently, the following process was executed in developing the final solution:


Requirement Gathering & SOW Locking


Product Mapping and Refining


Testing & Quality Assurance


Initial Operational Analysis


Front-End/Back-End Development


Post-Launch Support

Analysis & Approach

In this case study on NFT, our NFT development team embraces the agile approach, showcasing their exceptional expertise by seamlessly navigating the development lifecycle, delivering an innovative NFT marketplace with unrivaled precision and a skillset that fosters rapid iteration and continuous value creation.


By harnessing our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Blockchain technology, we successfully developed a decentralized exchange utilizing Binance Smart Chain as a base Blockchain that helped the client provide its customers with a streamlined and efficient way to participate in yield farming and earn rewards in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Seeing our proven track record of delivering robust Blockchain projects for the crypto community, the client approached us to create a robust decentralized exchange platform for those immersed in the DeFi industry. The platform was immune to flash loan attacks and launched fairly in the market without any presale and migrator code.

Develop a Robust Automated Yield Farming Platform Today


The following innovative features were identified as the value proposition elements of the platform.

Anti Whale Measures

Automatic Liquidity

Auto Burning

Harvest Lockup

No Migrator Code

Anti-flash Loan Attack Mechanism

Emergency Withdrawals

A Visual Journey Through Our Trailblazing Project

Final Outcomes


Seamless user experience


Broader potential partnerships


Innovative and lucrative revenue streams


User retention rate

Technology Stack

  • Frontend
  • Reactjs
  • Backend
  • Nodejs
  • Smart Contract
  • Solidity
  • Blockchain
  • ETH & BSC
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