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Kickstart your digital asset exchanges with an institutional-grade crypto market making bot to facilitate fighting fit order books, consistent spreads, and effortless access to third-party bid-ask orders on popular remote exchanges.

Equip Your Exchange With A Premium Crypto Market Maker

Cryptocurrency market making entails liquidity provision on certain cryptocurrencies by surrendering a high volume of both bid and ask orders to facilitate cheaper enter and exit trading positions for traders.
Antier, being one of the pioneering crypto market maker companies introduces a neoteric approach for market making services that overthrows the primitive market-making techniques of yesteryears. We have a robust team of finance veterans and technology experts hailing from influential global financial institutions, functioning pragmatically to ensure the deployment of bespoke cryptocurrency market making bots and strategies
We build sustainable markets for your digital asset exchanges!

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Our Technology, Our Speciality

Antier’s custom enterprise-level algorithms have been trusted by numerous industry-leading projects out there. With our unparalleled excellence in technology, we have become a leading liquidity provider in the global digital asset industry. We deploy highly scalable, proprietary market making mechanisms with a vision of facilitating fairer and more efficient financial markets.

Our Edge Gives You Wings

We empower market makers and cryptocurrency exchanges to execute all popular and tailored crypto market maker strategies on centralized and decentralized protocols including – copy strategy, order back strategy, fixed-price strategy, circuit breaker strategy, etc.
Our groundbreaking market making technologies equipped with highly scalable APIs can stream orders from all mainstream and niche cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity providers.

We understand your zeal to achieve long-term goals. Thus, we utilize our industry knowledge and technical prowess in conceptualizing the best solutions based on cutting-edge technologies for your cryptocurrency exchanges.

Exclusive Traits of Our Cryptocurrency Market Makers Software

Here’re some of the business benefits that you get to enjoy with our crypto market making software:

Why Choose Us For Cryptocurrency Market Making Software?

We have been growing at a fast pace both in numbers and knowledge. Count on us for your crypto
market making services.

Total Trading Volume$300 Billion
Brains behind the Products500+
Exchange Integrations100+
Delivered Projects50+
Liquidity Provision24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Cryptocurrency Market Making?
Cryptocurrency market making involves the practice of providing liquidity of digital assets to investors on decentralized and centralized exchanges. It is aimed at surging the activity in the market by offering easy entry and exit points to buyers and sellers.
2How does Crypto Market Making Work?
The 24/7 cryptocurrency markets require well-managed digital assets. Therefore, crypto market makers deploy algorithmic market makers that quote bid-ask asset prices to maintain the spreads and price swings over a cryptocurrency exchange.
3Which Trading Strategies Can I Execute with Crypto Market Making Bot?
An efficient crypto market making bot supports a majority of known strategies including copy, order back, fixed price, circuit breaker strategy, etc. The modular and customizable architecture of bots might also allow customization of an existing strategy or adding any new one.
4How much does it cost to set up a crypto market making bot?
The cost to set up a crypto market making bot depends upon various factors. The degree of efficiency the cryptocurrency market making software brings to the operations through automation, adaptability, consistent spreads and liquidity, risk management, etc. decide the cost of a crypto market making bot.
5How long does it take to build a crypto market making bot?
The development time may differ depending on the type of development methodology you choose. Building a complex crypto market making bot from scratch may consume a considerable amount of time. If you are customizing a ready-made market making software crypto, it might not take long.
6Who provides the best Crypto Market Making Services?
Antier is one of the leading crypto market maker companies offering institutional grade builds to help crypto exchanges strive through the competitive market. We dedicatedly build and consistently train our algorithms to react efficiently to high volatility price spikes. In essence, we always set our systems to optimize the health of the market (free float, spread, volatility, etc.)

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