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The Crux of Crypto Market Making Services

Scaled Liquidity and Lessened Asset Volatility

Cryptocurrency Market Making – Delegate, Trade and Benefit

Market making is all about trusting an investor to make predictions with a vision to contain asset volatility. Antier’s goal is straight – build books with consistent liquidity across an impressive spread.

How we do it? Our Crypto Market Making Strategy

Antier’s exclusive service solutions to create financial markets follow a comprehensive approach of deploying the customer’s self-adaptive and proprietary algorithms. Not only does it help in democratizing liquidity but also leaves enough room to customize the model as per the customer’s expected return on investment. Not to miss, our automated market making services and tailor-made builds simplify the liquidity complexities at any given time for any given market. Our market making technologies use a complex set of proprietary-built algorithms using machine learning and high-frequency trading principles to execute and deliver 24/7 at the push of a button.

Engineered by a team of trading professionals, the systems have a strong foundation and focus largely on ease in accessibility, tightened control, and indefinite transparency. Add to it, our customers seek valuable insights into all the essential data sets required to devise an intelligent market making strategy crypto and execute decisions in cohesive deadlines followed by on-demand consulting from our experts.

Who We Work With

Exchanges play an essential role in the fast growing digital asset space. We help kickstart new exchanges - small to large, providing consistent tight spreads to build efficient markets and kickstart low-liquid markets to grow a base of unique emerging trading pairs.

Centralized Exchanges

Facilitating entry and exit to market while at the same time providing a platform for token issuers to gain traction and exposure is what drives us to help exchanges thrive.

Decentralized Exchanges

Antier partners with decentralized exchanges that challenge the status quo and uphold the values of high performance, UX, and transparency. Focus on quickly attracting organic volume, adoption and engage with the largest decentralized exchanges to date.

We are trading with the following exchanges and aim to increase our spread to more.

Our Services

Our suite of services include the following –

Market Making Services

Copy Trading

Gain from the experience and knowledge of the professional traders. With our Copy Trading services, you can directly copy the trading strategy of successful investors including the slots they have opened and the amount used to make a stock trade. This assures returns on investments and minimum risks.
Market Making Services

Automated Crypto Trading Platform

Let a bot trade on your behalf. The auto bot trading application processes historical Big Data and foresees favorable market conditions. Fast, accurate and profitable, our crypto auto trading platform browses through a plethora of coins so that you don’t have to.
Market Making Services

Social Trading

Engage with peers and learn from their trading strategies. Social trading provides an overarching understanding of the market sentiment and the outlook of every individual investor. Antier lets you get on-board with the most professional investors and gain from their dynamic strategic approach.


1What is the objective of Antier's Market Making strategies?
To build a positive sentiment about the organization in the market thereby encouraging trust among other participants and investors. Razor sharp focus on on-demand liquidity, professional risk management and strategized spreads all contriving towards abbreviated asset volatility.
2What are the risks from Market Making and maintaining a specific spread?
Risks come attached with market trading and this gets more severe with crypto tokens. With a strong foundation with crypto trading, Antier possess deep understanding of volatile assets, implements risk management processes in place and assures skillful implementation to all portfolios. We keep a sharp observation at the lucrative spots and approach each one of those in an iterative manner.
3How do you manage high liquidity events?
This is where our expertise comes in. We have been building and continuously training our algorithms to react efficiently to high volatility price spikes. In essence we always set our system to optimize the health of the market (free float, spread, volatility etc.) and keep neutrality on our inventory. This means the setup of our system is purely focused in order to not lose money.
4What supply is required to conduct Market Making?
The supply does not actually have a direct impact on the requirements of Market Making algorithms. The amount of inventory will be driven by the number of active participants, average order size and number of target exchanges for which we will be providing liquidity. The more of the above the more inventory will be needed.

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