Harness the potential of White Label Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrency has been in the market for almost a decade, and its predominance has grown over recent years. Despite the fluctuations, the market is flourishing, and the main reason for its expansion is the long-term returns traders are getting out of their investments. Presently, there are more than 20,000 currencies globally, and the trends will keep rising in the future.

Enterprises are looking for ways to expand their crypto businesses and get a competitive edge over others. However, they are also looking for a solution to save time and effort in developing a wallet from scratch, so here we present a pre-built and ready-to-deploy Crypto wallet white label solution.

What is Unique About White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A White Label cryptocurrency wallet isn’t just a regular wallet. It serves numerous purposes like storing, trading, exchanging, and paying. These wallets allow you to use existing currencies and develop currencies of your own. The best part is it saves the company time that can be spent on improving the business processes. Also, security has always been a concern which has been eliminated by strong wallet encryption and cryptographic features integrated into the wallet. Even if you lose the wallet you can still retrieve its content via 12 word-mnemonic phrase.

Our White label Wallets offer an array of features like:

  • Load Money
  • Send Money
  • Receive Money
  • Transaction History
  • Activity Log

Advanced Features Integrated within the White-Label Crypto Wallet

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Supports a Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies

Our White-Label Crypto wallet provides multi-cryptocurrency support. The more currencies the wallet supports, the wider the user base along with the transactions.

Integrated with Multi-Payment Gateways

We help our crypto buyers by integrating payment gateways like credit or debit cards, Apple pay, Paypal, and stripe into our Crypto Wallet White Label Solutions.

Clear Design

As a leading White Label Wallet Development company, we incorporate stunning designs and easy-to-use interfaces to enrich the user experience. Our designers leave no stone unturned in developing a simple user interface that provides seamless navigation.

AMM Integration

Our wallet solutions are integrated with Automated Market Maker(AMM) to make them completely decentralized that will automatically execute the required process.

Explore the Features of Our Enterprise-Grade
White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet


Automatic Conversion Rates

You can determine the cryptocurrency equivalent of Fiat via the Automatic Conversion Rate feature integrated into the app.

Auto-Denial of Duplicate Payments

Duplicate payments won’t occur as our White Label wallet solutions are integrated with auto-denial protocols and improved security features.

QR Code Scanner

Both service providers and vendors receive crypto payments. In addition, a QR Scanner installed in the wallet will let users make payments quickly.

Admin Dashboard

We develop a centralized White-Label wallet integrated with the EVM dashboard to track the wallet happenings in real-time.

High-Graded Security Features Impregnated into
White Label EVM Wallet

How to Access the White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet to
Transfer the Funds?

Analyzing the Requirements

  • Comprehend business requirements
  • Pick the business logic to be infused
  • Prepare the roadmap

Creating the Technical Design

  • Create a document defining the smart contract
  • Data flow diagram creation
  • Design technical architecture

Proceeding with the Development

  • Implement proposed smart contract solution
  • Client evaluation and feedback
  • Complete the smart contract development

Deployment and Testing

  • Testnet deployment
  • Smart contract deployment on Main network
  • Prioritize the backlog
Select & Sign up on the crypto wallet of your choice Public(wallet addresses) & private keys(PIN) will be generated
Enter the receivers wallet address, cryptos &
private keys
The public key or wallet addresses are shared with the sender to receive funds

How to Access the White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet to Transfer the Funds?


Select & Sign up on the crypto wallet of your choice Public(wallet addresses) & private keys(PIN) will be generated


Enter the receivers wallet address, cryptos & private keys


The public key or wallet addresses are shared with the sender to receive funds

Why Procure Our Ready-to-Deploy White Label Wallet Development

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Support Instant Launch

cost effective

Enhanced security features

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Speedier transactions

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Multiple tests & Audits

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Integrated with Crypto Exchanges

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Smart Contract Rich

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Stunning User Interface

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Enables Speedier Transactions

Reach our Antier and discuss your requirements with our requirements with our white-label
cryptocurrency wallet experts today!

Why Choose Antier for Web3 Wallet Development?

Antier has established a strong reputation as a Blockchain development firm. We have developed solutions using leading technologies like Web3 and Blockchain. Our team
possesses sound domain knowledge and development expertise that they have used to deliver feature-rich Web3 wallets to customers.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the Benefits of Developing a White Label Crypto Wallet?
Developing a wallet from scratch requires effort and consumes a lot of business time. On the contrary, a White Label solution has a ready-made source code, database, and infrastructure. You just need to deploy it in a new environment. Change the logo and user interface. You are all set to launch the application under your brand name.
2How Much Will it Cost to Develop a White Label Wallet Solution?
The cost of the White Label wallet solution depends on the complexity and features you want to integrate into the wallet. Antier would develop cost structures that are flexible and tailored according to your budget.
3How Long Does it Take to Deploy a White Label Wallet?
Since the White label wallets are ready-made so they can be launched in the least turnaround time, as a company, we take pride in launching the application in less than three weeks.
4 Do you integrate security measures while developing White Label Wallet Solutions?
Security is a significant aspect and must not be compromised at any cost. We leave no stone unturned in integrating high-graded security features like 2FA in the wallet. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing the account from an unknown location or device.

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