Did you know that almost 4 Billion people are using digital wallets, and by 2024, its market size will rise by 3.6 Billion?

Explore the Capabilities of Our World-Class White Label Crypto Wallet

Developing a White-Label crypto wallet is a step-by-step process that starts with ideation and ends with deployment. White-Label crypto wallet solutions are developed for blockchain projects, crypto exchange platforms, DEXs, investment platforms, etc. You can launch these wallets as desktop wallets, web wallets and web browser extensions.

Enterprises seek ways to expand their crypto businesses and gain a competitive edge. However, they are also looking for a solution to save time and effort in developing a wallet from scratch, so investing in a ready-made White-Label crypto wallet is the best course of action. We have extensive experience and expertise in developing custodial and deploy it on trending blockchains. After development, our white-label wallet solutions undergo immune tests that help us identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and improve their ability to handle unlimited cryptos.

What is Unique About White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services?

Not sure which wallet solution will suit your business? Consult us to find a
feasible solution!

White-Label Wallet Clone Script

Here are the white-label wallet clones developed by our team that have been customized based on the client's needs.

Launch a robust and scalable White-Label Clone-Script

Advanced Features Integrated within the White Label Crypto Wallet Platform

Security Features Impregnated into
Crypto Wallet White Label Solution

How to Access the White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet to Transfer Funds?

Accessing a white-label wallet solution has become simple. The process has been divided into steps which must be considered before commencing your wallet journey.

Antier: Your Trusted White-Label Crypto Wallet Development Company

Several reasons make Antier businesses the preferred choice for white-label crypto wallet development. We have been in the industry for almost a
decade and have more to offer than our competitors:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the Benefits of Developing a White Label Crypto Wallet?
Developing a wallet from scratch requires effort and consumes a lot of business time. On the contrary, a White Label solution has a ready-made source code, database, and infrastructure. You just need to deploy it in a new environment. Change the logo and user interface. You are all set to launch the application under your brand name.
2How Much Will it Cost to Develop a White Label Wallet Solution?
The cost of the White Label wallet solution depends on the complexity and features you want to integrate into the wallet. Our cost structures are flexible and are tailored according to your budget.
3How Long Does it Take to Deploy a White Label Wallet?
Since the White label wallets are ready-made so they can be launched in the least turnaround time; as a company, we take pride in launching the application in less than three weeks.
4Do you integrate security measures while developing White Label Wallet Solutions?
Security is a significant aspect and must not be compromised at any cost. We leave no stone unturned in integrating high-graded security features like 2FA in the wallet. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing the account from an unknown location or device.

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