Navigating the Distinguished Features of White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet

A White-Label crypto wallet is a ready-made,multi-tested, and customizable solution to store, send, and receive cryptos, NFTs, Stablecoins, and other assets. It is a ready-made solution that can be seamlessly adapted and speed up the process of deployment and launch. The solution is developed for two platforms: web and mobile.

Developing a White-Label wallet requires sound domain knowledge, experience, and expertise. This is when you must consult the best White Label wallet development company like Antier. Our services include custodial and non-custodial wallet development launched on prominent blockchain networks. With over a decade of blockchain experience, our experts tailor solutions with enhanced features and functionalities customized per business needs. The solution is aligned with the market trends to help it stand ahead in the race. The platform allows users top-tier security mechanisms like Multi-Factor Authentication and encryption to protect the contents from hacks and breaches. Obtain a feasible solution by partnering with our development teams today!

Unlock the Future of Finance with a Branded White Label Crypto Wallet App

A White-Label crypto wallet app is a blockchain application exclusively crafted for NFTs, digital assets, Stable Coins, and more. The mobile app has been divided into custodial and non-custodial wallets with unique features and functionalities. As a leading White-Label wallet development company, we build smart contract-based applications to automate the transaction process. The wallets can be installed on mobile devices effortlessly and support unlimited transactions.

The wallet app is well-suited for transferring crypto assets from one address to another. Multi-layer security like 2 Factor Authentication and Encryption guards the assets from cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. Find your perfect White Label Crypto Wallet App development solution with the guidance of our experts today.

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Exceptional Features Of White Label Crypto Wallet Platform

Our white label crypto wallet development solutions present an array of vital features aimed at boosting security, user-friendliness, functionality, and granting users the confidence and convenience for managing their digital assets.

Add Custom Token

Users can manually add and manage tokens not automatically supported by the wallet.

Address Book

Address book helps users save and manage frequently used cryptocurrency addresses using the platform.


Invite other users & earn rewards out of it using the referral feature incorporated into the wallet.

Wallet Connect

This feature enables secure communication and interaction between a web DApp and a mobile crypto wallet.

NFT Collectables

The wallet offers NFT(Non-Fungible Token) support, representing the ownership of assets or physical items.

2-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security, where users need to enter the one-time password or biometric authentication to access their wallet.

Multi Wallet support

One can create & manage multiple wallets via the same application, each designated for specific purposes.

Native Fiat Currency selection

Users can choose native Fiat currency & value for conversion.

Ledger wallet integration

Our solutions are integrated with Ledger Hardware wallet integration, enhancing wallet security.

Watch-Only wallet

Users can monitor their crypto balance & transactions without private keys via this feature.

Crypto Staking

Users can grow their holdings effortlessly by participating in various networks and earning rewards directly from the wallet.

Export/Import Private Keys

One can safeguard their digital assets by securely exporting and importing private keys for full control and accessibility

Cross-Chain Crypto Swap

Exchange cryptocurrencies across different blockchain networks without depending on external exchanges.

Multichain Wallets

Our Wallets support multiple blockchain networks, allowing users to manage cryptos from one place.

On-Chain Crypto Swap

An In-built wallet functionality to exchange cryptocurrencies directly on the blockchain.

Fiat On/Off Ramp

One can exchange cryptocurrencies to Fiat or Fiat to cryptocurrencies using Fiat on/off ramp feature.

Multichain DApp Browser

The wallet supports decentralized application (DApp) browser for interaction on different blockchains.

Real-Time Trading Insights

Users can obtain real-time market data such as price charts and trading analysis to make an informed decision.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid debit cards are used for making payments,top up the card with crypto & obtain Fiat equivalent balance.

Chrome Wallet Extension

Chrome Wallet Extension is a browser extension that adds wallet functionality to web browsers.

Peer To Peer Trading (P2P)

Users can trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other, often using an Escrow system.

Group Transfer/Airdrop

Sending cryptos to multiple recipients has become simpler with the Airdrop feature.

User Chat

Real-time communication, enabling seamless interactions & instant collaboration for enhanced crypto asset management & support.

Over the Counter Trading

Users can participate in trading and boost their earning capabilities without third-party intervention.

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Immune from Cyber Attacks

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Cross border regulation compliant

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Extra Secure & Encrypted

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Seamless transfers at Low Costs

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User Friendly


Unlimited Transfers

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Free from Rolling Reserve

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

We follow a four-part innovative process to steer your development journey

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Our wallet development process begins with requirement gathering & analysis to get an idea of the expectations and objectives. We make sure that both parties are on the same page.

Designs, Wireframes & Mockups

Our cryptocurrency wallet development experts incorporate stunning and appealing UI designs to simplify the wallet's navigation process.

Prototype Demo

After designing the prototype, we halt the crypto wallet development process & share it with the client to give an idea of the look and feel of the app/web/platform.

Alterations & Confirmation

Client feedback is duly considered at this stage of the wallet development process & is altered to meet his expectations. We take client approval on the same and move ahead with the process.


Marketing is an integral part of our process. We widen the presence of clients' businesses by offering complementary marketing services to enhance their presence & boost their revenue.

Maintenance & Support

We offer no-cost service and support according to the terms of the agreement. Our wallet development experts can tailor monthly or annual packages as per your requirements.

Testing & Audits

Before deploying the application, we perform final testing, UAT, training, and final deployment of the source code.


After approval, we commence the crypto wallet development process. All the applications are developed using state-of-the-art tools & technologies. We assure you that the results are delivered according to the timeframe shared by our technical team.

Top Reasons to Partner with Antier for White Label crypto Wallet Development company

Antier development teams bring branded White-Label wallets in less than 7 days. Our solutions are pre-tested and market-ready for launch. The solutions are integrated with advanced security mechanisms to protect digital assets from hacks and breaches

Swift Development Process

By leveraging our robust transaction engine, we design wallets as per your business needs. The wallets offer efficiency with customization, scalability & are budget-friendly over other solutions.

Seamless Integration

Our web portal supports over 300+ APIs, offers effortless third-party integrations, and saves businesses money, time, and development concerns.

Extra Asset & Data Protection

As a prominent White Label wallet development service provider, we incorporate security mechanisms to protect assets & data. The main database is in your control and compromises free.


Consistent communication, teamwork, and cohesion among operations and development teams ensure the delivery of optimum quality solutions speedily.

No Hidden Costs

We provide an upfront cost based on the project’s requirements without compromising the quality. Based on the requirements, our experts will give an exact estimate.

24*7 Support & Maintenance

Our experts provide round-the-clock maintenance and support services to enhance functionality and keep the application in line with the current trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the Benefits of Developing a White Label Crypto Wallet?
Developing a wallet from scratch requires effort and consumes a lot of business time. On the contrary, a White Label solution has a ready-made source code, database, and infrastructure. You just need to deploy it in a new environment. Change the logo and user interface. You are all set to launch the application under your brand name.
2How Much Will it Cost to Develop a White Label Wallet Solution?
The cost of the White Label wallet solution depends on the complexity and features you want to integrate into the wallet. Our cost structures are flexible and are tailored according to your budget.
3How Long Does it Take to Deploy a White Label Wallet?
Since the White label wallets are ready-made so they can be launched in the least turnaround time; as a company, we take pride in launching the application in less than three weeks.
4Do you integrate security measures while developing White Label Wallet Solutions?
Security is a significant aspect and must not be compromised at any cost. We leave no stone unturned in integrating high-graded security features like 2FA in the wallet. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing the account from an unknown location or device.

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