Deploy zkSync Hyperchains for Your Blockchain Initiatives to Heighten Scalability

Ethereum, being one of the most prominent blockchain networks, unfortunately, has a limited capacity of 12 transactions per second. Thus, it struggles with network congestion resulting in transaction delays and rising fees, which hinder its ability to deal with ever-rising transaction volume. Moreover, the existing bridge solutions aiming to connect different blockchains are not perfect and many protocols have encountered security breaches.

The zk stack leverages the foundational codebase of zkSync Era to bring forward an advanced solution to boost scalability. The zk stack is a toolkit to create layer 2 and layer 3 networks within the Ethereum blockchain, permitting developers to create their own Hyperchains, tailoring them to the specific requirements.

Hyperchains bring in the concept of recursive scaling where transactions are batched into zk proofs and then batched into a single proof for enhanced compression to increase speed and data availability. Antier equips businesses with all the necessary tools to develop & deploy their own Hyperchains and heighten Ethereum scalability for their designated blockchain projects.

Hyperchains’ Architecture and Their Working

Hyperchains operate as independent zk-rollup chains, which process transactions autonomously from layer-1. They generate zk-proofs for these transactions and submit them to the mainchain. Instead of settling individual proofs, hyperchains can aggregate them to streamline the settlement process into a single proof published on layer-1.

Options for proof aggregation include simple proof aggregation, L3 proof settling, and layered aggregation. Hyperchains facilitate seamless and trustless communication among themselves, which creates an interoperable ecosystem within zkSync.

These chains address the challenge of liquidity and asset movement between L2 rollups and layer-1 blockchain. Hyperchains enable instant and trustworthy transfer of assets across different domains, because of their shared state and a common bridge smart contract on the mainchain.

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Business Benefits of Launching zkSync Hyperchains

zkSync Hyperchains powered by zk stack empowers businesses with an array of benefits to enable them to hyperscale Layer 3 dApps effortlessly.

Real-World Use Cases of zkSync Hyperchains

zkSync Hyperchains brings to the table some amazing opportunities for different real-world use cases across various industries.

Enable hyper-scalable L3 dApps using zkSync Hyperchains

Antier Advantage

Antier offers managed blockchain services to make it simpler for businesses to launch and scale decentralized networks and dApps.

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