Arbitrum Orbit: The Future of Blockchain Customization

The Ethereum ecosystem relies on a decentralized network of nodes that runs Ethereum's L1 client software. High demand for Ethereum's block space leads to user delays and increased costs. Arbitrum's Rollup and AnyTrust protocols tackle this by delegating Ethereum's processing load to decentralized nodes supporting Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova respectively. Arbitrum orbit can function as a Rollup or AnyTrust chain considering your specific business requirements.
Antier equips businesses with all essential tools to craft new customizable chains in the Arbitrum ecosystem with unparalleled flexibility. Whether you envision a Layer 2 chain settling directly on Ethereum or a Layer 3 chain interoperating with Arbitrum One, we develop customizable solutions tailored precisely to your needs to ensure that you stay ahead in the dynamic crypto world of modern times.

Why Must Businesses Prefer Arbitrum Orbit for Launching Customizable L2 Chains?

Arbitrum’s powerful features make L2/L3 chains development and deployment a hassle-free affair for businesses.

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How Does Arbitrum Orbit Propel Ethereum Toward Multi-Chain Future?

Arbitrum Orbit tackles Ethereum's scalability challenges and paves the way for a smoother & more expansive future.

Unleash the Power of Blockchain Customization with Antier: Your Trusted Partner for Launching L2/L3 Chains using Arbitrum Orbit

Our multidisciplinary team offers valuable insights throughout the development process and guarantees scalable, secure, and bespoke L2/L3 chains addressing unique business use cases. 

Antier Advantage

Antier leverages Arbitrum's powerful capabilities to assist businesses in seamlessly launching L2 and L3 chains on Ethereum.

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What sets Arbitrum Orbit apart in terms of customization?
How does Arbitrum Orbit simplify dApps development for businesses?

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