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Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development Services

Unlock the future of crypto trading with advanced crypto derivatives trading services

Crypto Derivatives Exchange

A crypto derivative is tradable security or an automated financial contract between parties based on the price of the asset at a particular time in the future. Being a reputed smart contract development company, Antier Solutions offers top-notch derivatives exchange development services that promise newer investment boulevards for the traders.

What is the Working Process of Crypto Derivatives?

In crypto derivatives trading, the underlying asset can be any cryptocurrency token. The two parties that engage in a financial contract speculate the price of the cryptocurrency on a specific day in the future. At the initial phase of the contract, the parties agree upon the selling/buying price of the cryptocurrency on the decided date, no matter what the market price could be. Therefore, investors can capitalize on the change in the price of the underlying asset by buying the currency at a lower price and selling it at a higher price.

Crypto derivatives can be traded on both centralized exchange and decentralized exchange platforms. Exchange owners can leverage the potential of a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange to reach more investors. A Crypto derivative trading platform is more flexible than Spot Margin trading and opens access to otherwise unavailable markets.

The Ascending Potential of a Crypto Derivatives Trading Exchange Platform

More than just minting profits, cryptocurrency derivatives trading is a golden opportunity for investors to eliminate the risks of a highly volatile digital asset. This has improved the acceptance of crypto trading among mainstream investors while promising a brighter future for a trading ecosystem. With derivatives exchange development, financial institutions can leverage the following benefits-

  • An opportunity to venture into Decentralized Finance (DeFi) world.
  • Opportunity to access a pool of untapped crypto holders
  • Accelerated transaction process due to automated smart contracts
  • Efficient execution of complex strategies such as Shorting

Derivative Strategies that Our Exchange Supports

Antier Solutions brings into play vast industrial experience in curating absolute crypto exchange products and platforms. As a reputed derivatives exchange development company, we empower the investors to reap more benefits and face less complexity. With a razor sharp focus on risk management at the back-end and an intuitive customer experience at the front, our ready to deploy derivatives trading platforms ensure accelerated time-to-market.

  • Advanced Order Types & Long-Short Contracts
  • High Transaction Throughput Rates & minimum latency
  • Multi-layered security and robust trade engine
  • Immensely user-friendly admin panel

Derivatives Trading Features Supported
by our Exchange Platform

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Auto Deleveraging (ADL)

It automatically liquidates traders’ positions when the mark price reaches the bankruptcy price.

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Stop Loss/Take Profit

Allows traders to set floor and ceiling values for an order, enabling them to automatically exit the market when the situation is favourable.

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Partial Close Orders

Enables your users to partially close their orders to take their profits and continue to benefit from the bullish market.

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Insurance Funds

It helps traders to protect their funds against auto deleveraging even if their positions fall below the maintenance margin amount.

Supported Forms of Crypto Derivative Trading

Our Derivatives Exchange Development Services enables the following 4 key types - 

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Futures Trading

The buyer/seller decides upon a fixed price of the crypto asset at a particular date in the future. The contracts are standardized and have an expiry date.
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Forwards Trading

Similar to Futures but the contract is customizable and flexible as per the needs of both parties. Both parties can alter the conditions of the contract including the underlying asset.
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Options Trading

The buyer reserves the right to or not to make the purchase as per the agreed date. In addition to the date, the buyer can ask for a purchase at a particular time.
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development

Perpetual Trading

Both parties exchange one type of cash flow into another on a particular date in the future. These Swaps are mostly governed by interest rates, currencies and commodities.

Features of our Derivatives Trading Exchange Platform

Our margin trading crypto exchange is fortified with the following features to deliver world-class performance.


1What is a Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform?
An exchange platform that allows two parties to agree upon a speculated buying price of a underlying crypto asset on a particular date in the future.
2How many Types of Crypto Derivatives Trading are there?
There are 4 key types of crypto derivatives trading – Futures, Forwards, Options and Swaps.
3How much time does it take to build a crypto derivatives exchange platform?
Depending upon the business requirement it may vary between 4 weeks to 3 months.
4How much does it cost to build a crypto derivatives exchange platform?
The costing purely depends upon the scale of the project.
5What are the benefits of a crypto derivatives trading?
Following are the benefits of the cryptocurrency derivatives trading – • Mitigating risk from high price fluctuations • Better exposure to crypto markets • Great potential for steady investment growth
6What are the features of a crypto derivatives exchange platform?
While looking for a crypto derivatives exchange platform, check for the following features – • Auto Deleveraging (ADL) • Stop Loss/Take Profit • Partial Close Orders • Insurance Funds
7What are the business advantages of developing a crypto derivatives exchange platform?
Financial institutions can leverage the following benefits of developing a crypto derivatives trading exchange • Opportunity to cater the needs of a huge pool of crypto investors • Opportunity to venture into decentralized finance (DeFi) • Faster processing due to smart contracting • Assured platform liquidity and returns for crypto investors

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