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Tezos is gaining rapid adoption and growth due to its remarkable features like greater efficiency, high level security, and seamless scalability. If you are planning to tap into the Tezos market by launching your own application, we can facilitate your entry and participation in the market.
Our team of blockchain developers has extensive experience in creating blockchain applications on various platforms, making them experts in the development and deployment of Tezos dApps. They possess the skills to rapidly identify both on-chain and off-chain entities, develop microservices, establish Tezos nodes, create Tezos wallets, and seamlessly integrate Tezos APIs into your current solution or application.

Our Tezos Blockchain Development Services

We provide a full spectrum of services to transform your business use case into a powerful product that disrupts the market.

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Reasons to Choose Tezos for dApp Development

The following features make Tezos an ideal choice to build decentralized applications.


The Proof of Stake consensus mechanism allows participants to come to an agreement on the state of the blockchain. Unlike other proof-of-stake protocols, any stakeholder can participate in the consensus process in Tezos and receive protocol-based rewards for contributing to the stability and security of the network.

On-Chain Governance

Tezos employs on-chain governance, enabling all stakeholders to participate in the protocol's governance. The election cycle provides a systematic approach for stakeholders to come to an agreement on protocol amendments. Through the combination of on-chain mechanisms and self-amendment, Tezos can modify the initial election process to implement improved governance mechanisms.


Tezos employs a self-amendment approach to upgrade itself without creating two distinct blockchains. This mechanism reduces the execution and coordination costs associated with protocol upgrades while also enabling seamless implementation of future innovations.

Smart Contracts and Formal Verification

Tezos offers a platform for building dApps and smart contracts that are resistant to shutdown by third parties. Through the use of formal verification, Tezos enhances security by providing mathematically proven properties regarding programs, such as smart contracts.

Connect with our subject matter experts to discuss your business use case.

Why Choose us for Tezos Blockchain Development?

By partnering with Antier, you can rely on a team of technical experts with real-world experience delivering end-to-end blockchain services.

Proficient Team of Developers

Every developer in our team is adequately trained & vastly experienced and can tackle even the most complex projects in an effortless manner and produce the desired results.

Modern Infrastructure

We make use of ultra-modern tools and technologies to come up with the most appropriate solutions that readily deliver the intended results within a quick span of time.

Highly Secured Solutions

Our DeFi yield farming platform development comes with stringent security features to ensure uncompromised security for all transactions carried out on the platform.

Cost Effective Solutions

We house a team of expert developers who come up with the most unique and innovative DeFi solutions that are not only cost-effective in nature but also result-oriented.

Launch Time is Quick

The speedy DeFi yield farming platform development ensures the quick launch of the platform so that there are no delays in any phase of the overall development process.

Superior After-Sales Support

Our services are not complete with building and launching the DeFi yield farming platform. We offer superior after-sales support to take care of any glitches or bugs that arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is on-chain governance in Tezos?
On-chain governance in Tezos allows all stakeholders to participate in the decision-making process for protocol upgrades, providing a transparent and democratic approach to governance.
2How does Tezos ensure security in smart contract development?
Tezos employs formal verification, which is a mathematical proof technique used to ensure the correctness of smart contracts and other programs on the network. This enhances security and reduces the likelihood of bugs and vulnerabilities.
3What programming language is used for Tezos smart contract development?
Tezos smart contracts are coded using the Michelson programming language, which is a stack-based language specifically designed for the Tezos blockchain network.
4Can I develop my own custom Tezos wallet?
Yes, with the help of a Tezos blockchain development team, you can develop a custom Tezos wallet that caters to your specific business needs.
5Is Tezos suitable for developing decentralized exchanges (DEX)?
Yes, Tezos is suitable for developing DEX applications due to its inherent support for decentralized exchange. Tezos blockchain developers can build robust and scalable DEX applications on the network.
6What tools and technologies are used in Tezos blockchain development?
Tezos blockchain development employs a range of tools and technologies, including Tezos APIs, SDKs, and tools such as Taquito, Conseil, Morley, TezosKit, PyTezos, and TezosJ. Other programming languages and development tools may also be used, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

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