We are Antier:
Our Brand Story

This is how we
express ourselves.
Our brand is not just
a logo. It's how people
connect with us and
our services.

Our logo is our flag

It expresses us. And when we
use it the right way, people
can recognize us at a glance.

First Thought

New world.
New generation.
New technologies.
New business models.
New vision.

The above chain of 'new' motivated us to embed our new
vision into our brand identity. The blockchain is the DNA of
new Antier, so we started with the basic thought, i.e. for us
everything is a block. So all our brainstorming revolved
around the term 'Block'.


The new Antier logo represents change, growth, and a brighter tomorrow. To embed the soul of the blockchain, we played with alphabet "t" in "antier", which represents a chain of two blocks. The two blocks use a simple and elegant aesthetic that will remain bold for a long time and be instantly recognizable.


Type & Concept Exploration

Our Colors

Embracing a much more colorful language in our brand communications, Antier Blue is our resting colour, used only in situations where the brand palette is not being used. We have chosen vivid sky blue to represent trust and deep blue to represent bold youthful personality of our brand.

Final Logo

Exclusion Zone

The logo and the icon’s exclusion zone is equal to half the height of the icon (marked as × in the diagram).

Minimum Size

Establishing a minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the logo is not compromised in the application.

The Antier logo should never be smaller than
184px in digital or 65mm in print.

The Antier icon should never be smaller than
52px in digital or 18mm in print.

In Advertising

The visual identity gives a cohesive look across different advertising avenues.

In Advertising

Design for a possible brand application.