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Did you know that the global crypto market in 2021 had 76.32 million users, which increased to 84.02 Million in 2022? Financial institutions and crypto firms are capitalizing on their investments by venturing into the thriving crypto market and boost their income with it.

Antier is a leading cryptocurrency wallet development company that aims to simplify the process of launching crypto wallets for global businesses. Our experts have years of experience,domain knowledge, and they keep an eye on the latest wallet trends to integrate them into the wallet. We aim to build customizable digital wallets with specific requirements and purpose in mind.

With the guidance and support of the experts at a crypto wallet app development company, you can either develop the web or mobile-based crypto wallet from scratch or invest in a pre-built White-Label wallet solution. To obtain quality & timely solutions, consult our subject matter experts today!

Our Crypto Wallet Development Solution

Launch a robust and scalable crypto wallet for DEXs, NFT marketplaces, crypto trading and reward platforms. Our experts assist businesses interested in developing custom wallets that are launched them in the least time. We develop effective solutions to help you engage with new-age crypto enthusiasts in a better way.

Types of Crypto Wallet Development Solutions

We develop a variety of wallets to enable secure storage and transfer of crypto assets.

Make the most of your investments with cryptocurrency wallet development!

White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Leave a long-lasting impression in the intensely competitive industry by procuring our white-label crypto wallet solutions. We deliver world-class services to both start-ups and well-established enterprises. Partnering with Antier offers myriad benefits, including unparalleled performance, ease of use,high-graded security, and matchless technical skill sets. At Antier, we deliver what we promise and help you meet your business objectives with our white label or custom solutions.

Significant features of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Solutions

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Users can send cryptos directly from their wallets & credit them on their cards. The concept is like traditional accounts used to send money to users.
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Token swapping feature ingrained in the wallet eliminates the requirement of a separate wallet integration service.
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The wallets support activities like staking & can perform trading on the DeFi platform.
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User Chat

Communicating with wallet users worldwide has become simpler with the user chat feature provided by the wallet.
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Price Graph

The price graph feature provides past price movements of the digital currency & explore investment opportunities on the platform.
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Add Custom Token

Using this feature, you can add any token that supports a long list of coins built on either Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Smart Chain, etc.
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Multichain dApp Browser

Users can create a bookmark for their favorite decentralized application. It is like an optimally functioning web3 browser that interacts with decentralized applications.
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API Connections to Crypto Exchanges

Users can trade their preferred cryptos without leaving the present exchange platforms.
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Over The Counter Trading

Users can trade seamlessly without experiencing any intervention from the third-parties.
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Vendor Payments

Make vendor payments faster using the QR code in cryptos which are equivalent to Fiat.
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Cash Out

Enjoy easy deposit, withdraw & send FIAT currencies directly using your prepaid or master cards.
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Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments

Crypto wallets deny any duplicate payments on the platform to prevent chargebacks.
Partner with Antier to Enhance the Wallet Experience. Consult Us To Obtain An Estimate Quote!

Security Features Integrated into Our Cryptocurrency Wallet

More Reasons to Invest in Our Crypto Wallet Development Solution


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Immune-from-Cyber-Attacks (1)

Immune from Cyber Attacks

Cross-border-regulation-compliant (1)

Cross border regulation compliant

Extra-Secure-&-Encrypted (1)

Extra Secure & Encrypted

Seamless-transfers-at-Low-Costs (1)

Seamless transfers at Low Costs

User-Friendly (1)

User Friendly


Unlimited Transfers

Free-from-Rolling-Reserve (1)

Free from Rolling Reserve

Harness the potential of crypto wallets integrated with robust features to gain a competitive edge over others!

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

We follow a four-part innovative process to steer your development journey


Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Our wallet development process begins with requirement gathering & analysis to get an idea of the expectations and objectives. We make sure that both parties are on the same page.

Designs, Wireframes & Mockups

Our cryptocurrency wallet development experts incorporate stunning and appealing UI designs to simplify the wallet's navigation process.

Prototype Demo

After designing the prototype, we halt the crypto wallet development process & share it with the client to give an idea of the look and feel of the app/web/platform.
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Alterations & Confirmation

Client feedback is duly considered at this stage of the wallet development process & is altered to meet his expectations. We take client approval on the same and move ahead with the process.
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Marketing is an integral part of our process. We widen the presence of clients' businesses by offering complementary marketing services to enhance their presence & boost their revenue.

Maintenance & Support

We offer no-cost service and support according to the terms of the agreement. Our wallet development experts can tailor monthly or annual packages as per your requirements.

Testing & Audits

Before deploying the application, we perform final testing, UAT, training, and final deployment of the source code.


After approval, we commence the crypto wallet development process. All the applications are developed using state-of-the-art tools & technologies. We assure you that the results are delivered according to the timeframe shared by our technical team.

Crypto Wallet Use Cases

Take a glance at groundbreaking use cases of cryptocurrency wallet development and build next-gen wallets smartly and securely.
Gain a competitive edge in the crypto space!

Global Compatibility & Reliability

  • Wallet makes Bitcoin transfer to any Ethereum address simpler.
  • Ethereum & Smart Contracts integration makes the wallet unbreakable & unbackable after deployment.

Complete Financial Control

  • Perform theoretically verifiable transactions without receipts.
  • Trade seamlessly without worrying about finances.

Robust Debut in International Market

  • Send money to any part of the globe
  • Provides access to Ethereum addresses or exchanges

Cyber Threat & Scam Protection

  • Private keys provide safe access to the crypto wealth

What's Unique about Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services?

Antier is a well-established cryptocurrency wallet development company. We develop wallet solutions considering distinct business requirements. Our
team can handle difficult tasks in a hassle-free manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why procure crypto wallet development services from Antier?
In crypto wallet development projects, you cannot afford to hire an inexperienced company. Antier has a top-trust score while someone is searching for a reliable crypto wallet development company. We have been rendering top-notch services to clients since 2013 with a professional team of over 600 developers and blockchain analysts that create quality and timely projects. These pointers will help you succeed in your business endeavors.
2How Much Time Will It Take to Develop my Cryptocurrency Wallet?
Antier offers customized & timely cryptocurrency wallet development services to global enterprises. The project completion time depends on the complexity, features, and functionality you want to add to it. Our android development team ensures that the projects are delivered in the least turnaround time.

A blockchain-specific wallet, like a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, or a wallet built on any other blockchain, requires less time than a multicurrency wallet. This is because a multicurrency wallet is integrated with distinct blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BSC. Each chain that needs to be included within the wallet needs time and effort.

Our wallet development team would give deadlines after considering the complexity, features, and functionality.
3I Don't Have Any Idea About The Technical Aspects Of The Project, So how will You Support Me?
We understand that everyone doesn't have sound knowledge & technical experience in the blockchain wallet development process. This is when you will be supported by our developers, who will guide you at every step of the project development journey.
4Can You Explain the Working Process of a Cryptocurrency Wallet?
The sender's private key must align with the receiver's public address. By doing this, the sender can transfer his crypto assets to the receiver's wallet address, allowing him to use the coins.
5How Much Does Crypto Wallet Development Cost?
The cryptocurrency wallet development cost depends on several factors. Firstly, the features and functions you want to integrate into your wallet. Discuss the requirements with our wallet experts so that a no-cost estimate quote can be created that highlights the project development cost.
6How to Enhance the Security of a Crypto Wallet?
We incorporate security practices to protect crypto wallets from unauthorized access. These include web security protocols, Anti-DDoS modules, and 12-word mnemonic phrases that prevent hacks or breaches on the platform.
7How Can I Create a TRC 20 Wallet?
TRC 20 has a unique infrastructure and functionality that resembles ERC 20, and several features can be integrated into decentralized mode via smart contract development. It allows users to perform transactions without any hassles. Our experienced wallet development team will rapidly create and deploy a TRC 20 Wallet. Partner with us to procure the benefits of Blockchain technology and expertise and stand ahead of others with a performance-optimized product. We will add an extra layer of protection by integrating these high-graded security features into your wallet.
8Is it Possible to Store More Cryptocurrencies in a Single Wallet?
Yes, you can store more than one currency in a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Managing different wallets with different currencies often becomes a task, so placing them in a multicurrency wallet is better.
9What is the Significance of a Public Key in a Crypto Wallet?
Every time a transaction occurs, it will generate a new public key. The key makes it difficult for others to commit fraud on the wallet.
10What is the Difference Between a Hot and Cold Crypto Wallet?
A hot wallet needs an internet connection to operate. Even the private keys are stored digitally within the wallet. The cold wallet is just like a pen drive that works and stores the private keys offline as well. Hire us, and we will develop a hot or cold crypto wallet development solution based on your preferences.

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