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Smart Contract Based MLM
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    Multi-level Marketing:
    Amplifying Earnings with Blockchain

    Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) and blockchain have a similarity – they both are peer-2-peer models operating in a network. Needless to say, the amalgamation of the two is a powerful ecosystem.

    In a MLM model, enterprises incentivize the network users for promoting the products in their personal networks and increase the chain. This is a lucrative opportunity both for the enterprise and the users in the network to earn passive income and grow financially. .

    However, fine-tuning the business model in compliance with the regulations has discouraged many promising ideas. Not to miss, few Ponzi schemes have been damaging the reputation of the industry often leading to loss of trust within the masses.

    The Opportunity:
    Billion-dollar MLM Industry

    With blockchain, MLM business enterprises can address these drawbacks, produce trustworthy networks and achieve lasting success. Since millions of users across the world have garnered profits through MLM, its association with blockchain can produce high performing business models.

    Currently, the MLM industry is valued at over USD 160 billion. Tapping into the billion-dollar MLM industry would mean capitalizing on unmatched opportunities for revenue generation.

    The Problem:
    Inefficiencies in the Conventional MLM Model

    The traditional MLM business model is beset with inefficiencies, such as:

    Blockchain based MLM software


    When any new company launches MLM solutions, it faces issues building credibility among users.
    build mlm platform with dapp smart contract

    Lack of transparency

    The traditional MLM process lacks transparency of information and transactions between users.
    Blockchain based MLM software development services


    The company offering MLM solutions can revise its incentive program anytime, leaving its users uncertain about their earnings.
    smart contract based MLM software

    Delayed transactions

    Due to long transaction settlement time, companies are unable to ensure real-time transactions for their users.

    The Solution:
    Blockchain Based MLM Software

    Blockchain, with decentralization at its core, brings potential solutions to the pain points that can hold back the best of MLM projects, by ensuring the following:

    With the underlying decentralization ledger technology, blockchain automates the commission model thereby assuring complete protection against any transactional fraud.

    Trust: Encourages the users to participate with confidence and benefit while being assured of complete transparency.

    Transparency: All transactions are recorded on a distributed ledger that is accessible to everyone on the network

    Immutability:Owing to immutable smart contracts, companies cannot make any changes to their system once it has been defined, even if they want to.

    Accelerated transactions:Total automation eliminates the need for human-driven operations and results in real-time transactions.

    Our Offering:
    White label Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development Solutions

    Today, as multi-level marketing is gradually shifting to digital platforms, we provide white label blockchain based MLM software development solutions to help businesses launch Bitcoin, Ethereum and TRON MLM software.

    Our white label MLM software solutions – underpinned by Ethereum and TRON blockchains – are completely decentralized, thereby enabling better transparency, efficiency, and security. Reinforced with an immutable smart contract, our Ethereum and TRON smart contract MLM software enable tamper-proof calculations (of funds earned by MLM platform users) and automated transactions (to directly transfer users’ funds into their wallets with minimum latency), without any human involvement.

    Our Blockchain Based MLM Software Ecosystem

    Why our Solution:
    Reasons to Choose our White Label MLM Cryptocurrency Software driven by Smart Contract

    build your mlm platform with smart contract


    Our white label cryptocurrency MLM software are built on Ethereum and TRON blockchains, making them completely decentralized. With no human involvement, our Ethereum and TRON based MLM software solutions put your users in complete control of their funds, giving them the confidence of autonomous and secure transactions.
    smart contract based MLM software development

    Immutable Smart contract

    The immutable smart contract performs all of the calculations on the platform. It elucidates that our smart contract based MLM platform is tamper-proof and immune to any kind of changes or amendments.
    smartcontract based MLM platfrom

    P2P transactions

    The integration of a smart contract into our white label Ethereum and TRON decentralized MLM software drives peer-to-peer, automated transactions between platform users. The funds are automatically calculated through the smart contract and instantly transferred to users’ wallets.
    smart contract based MLM platfrom development


    At the core of our white label cryptocurrency MLM software is blockchain technology, which makes human functions redundant and the platform completely risk-free. The smart contract integrated into the system ensures that your users’ accounts cannot be blocked, deleted, hacked, or changed by anyone.

    Our Services

    We provide the following MLM software solutions to cater to different business needs.

    MLM Plans Offered

    We build Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON based MLM smart contract on the following plans to cater to diverse business needs.

    smart contract based mlm website

    Unilevel Plan

    smart contract based mlm platform

    Binary Plan

    smart contract based mlm website

    Hybrid Plan

    smart contract based mlm business

    Matrix Plan

    smart contract based mlm platform

    Working Plan


    1Why is the system built on Ethereum blockchain?
    Ethereum is a popular and preferred blockchain for creating smart contracts. Our white label solution integrated with Ethereum smart contract ensures: • Immutable business logic, which means that even you as a company cannot make any changes to the system once defined. This makes your platform reliable in the eyes of your users. • Faster transactions as the smart contract eliminates the need for human-driven operations, thereby leading to real-time transactions. • Automated calculation of your users’ funds that can be directly transferred to users’ wallets instantly.
    2Why should I choose a white label solution to launch a smart contract based MLM platform?
    The white label MLM script is a ready-made solution that can be easily customized as per your business requirements and quickly launched into the market. Businesses are leveraging white label solution due to the following reasons: • Faster deployment • Cost-efficient solution
    3How soon can I launch my white label MLM platform?
    At Antier, we can help you launch your white label smart contract based MLM platform in just 1 week.
    4Why should I choose Antier Solutions for smart contract based MLM software development?
    We have over 15 years of technical experience and more than 5 years of experience in Blockchain technology, specifically. We are backed by seasoned blockchain engineers and subject matter experts who provide diligent solutions in line with your business requirements to ensure meaningful outcomes.

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