Project Overview

Shido Wallet is a crypto wallet solution that holds crypto assets securely and performs transactions seamlessly. Security is the top priority, so high-graded security mechanisms have been integrated to prevent hacks and eliminate security vulnerabilities. Apart from security, The purpose of creating the mobile wallet(Android & iOS) was to provide a convenient means of storing, managing, and transacting with their cryptocurrencies.


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Business Requirements

The firm shared a vision of developing a ones-top decentralized mobile app that could cater the needs of different users and approached Antier.After analyzing the requirements we introduced an innovative and highly-secure DeFi wallet.The goal was to build a simple and easy to use platform for seamless transactions and digital asset management.

Develop a Decentralized Mobile Wallet App to streamline users' financial journey.
Customize the mobile wallet application according to the brand needs.
To build a Mobile Wallet App (iOS and Android) that supports BTC, ETH, and BNB (BSC).
Set up and Host the application on Apple & Google Play Store.

Challenges We Encountered

The wallet solution was developed to resolve numerous challenges. The first one was giving complete fund authority to the users, which was in the hands of third-party earlier. Let us highlight other challenges that Shido Wallet intended to solve:

Analysis & Approach

As a leading crypto wallet development company, we adopt an agile approach, which has helped us deliver innovative wallet solutions to corporations globally. We build scalable solutions that can be customized as per business needs. We carried out a series of discussions to comprehend the customer's vision while focusing on parameters like security, cross-platform compatibility, and regulatory requirements. During the interaction, we encountered on-demand change requests that our team handled exceptionally well:


Requirement Gathering & Analysis


Front end & Backend Development


Deployment and Release


Conceptualization & Design


Testing and Quality Assurance


Maintenance & Support

Analysis & Approach

In this case study on NFT, our NFT development team embraces the agile approach, showcasing their exceptional expertise by seamlessly navigating the development lifecycle, delivering an innovative NFT marketplace with unrivaled precision and a skillset that fosters rapid iteration and continuous value creation.

Discover Our State-of-the-Art Solutions

1. Security

Our developers Implemented robust security measures, such as secure key storage, encryption, biometric authentication, and secure communication protocols, using their expertise and paying attention to intricate details.

2. Platform Compatibility

Each platform has development frameworks, programming languages, design guidelines, and security considerations. We developed a solution that offers consistent functionality, user experience, and performance across different platforms using additional development effort and expertise.

3. User Experience and Design

Clear and user-friendly instructions were furnished on the platform for key tasks like account creation, fund transfers, and transaction history.

4.Blockchain Integration

Our team provided seamless integration with blockchains, handling blockchain synchronization and managing cryptocurrencies using thorough development and testing.

5.Performance and Scalability

The app can process transactions quickly, handle real-time updates, and manage large amounts of data efficiently. Optimizing app performance, implementing caching mechanisms, and scalability were emphasized from the beginning of the project.

6.Regulatory Compliance

Our team ensured that the app meets the necessary compliance standards, such as KYC (know-your-customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) requirements, which can be complex and requires ongoing efforts.

Explore Our Exquisite Features

User-Friendly Interface

Enhanced Security

Multi-Currency Support

Dual theme support

NFT assets (ETH 721)


App Browser Extension

Price Notification Alert

Fiat Conversion

Transaction Updates

A Visual Journey Through Our Trailblazing Project

Results and Impact

Shido Wallet was launched and received positive feedback from users and industry experts. Currently, the platform has been downloaded by 1T+ users and has got 4.9 ratings on Play Store. After developing the solution, businesses using Shido Wallet's white-label solution experienced brand differentiation and provided significant investment returns. Moreover, Antier's commitment to continuous updates and customer support ensured that the wallet remained at the forefront of technological advancements in crypto.

Technology Stack

  • Backend
  • Middleware
  • Framework
  • Nodejs
  • React Native Mobile App
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Server
  • AWS
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