About 83% of global suppliers, business partners, competitors, and customers are talking about working with digital assets and moving to blockchain in context to their strategies or solutions. Although blockchain has been synonymous with digital assets, its applications and use cases go far beyond financial transactions.


Growth of blockchain-related jobs in 2021

$176 Billion

Business value-add that blockchain is estimated to contribute by 2025

Become a Certified Blockchain Expert With ASB’s Blockchain Certification Course

Get prepared for the business revolution with our blockchain certification program. In this blockchain certification course, participants can delve deep into the blockchain technology and learn directly from practical applications of the technology. ASB is proud to present this first-of-its-kind blockchain technology certification program that allows professionals to unlock the future of their careers or business.

ASB’s blockchain certification program gives you the tools to discern the applicability of blockchain technology to any given business model. Study how digital assets use blockchain to facilitate P2P transactions. Gain a solid understanding of the mechanics behind blockchain protocols and discover how these can solve problems to support business goals.

Led by Antier and joined by leaders and industry experts from blockchain and AI startups, investment firms, and other leading institutions, this certification program gives you knowledgeable content and relevant frameworks so you can drive innovation using blockchain technology.

Key Features

Who is This Blockchain Certification Course for?

This blockchain certification course is an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop their career or a deeper understanding of blockchain and digital assets. It is also an excellent choice for intellectually curious professionals who are aspiring towards a career change or want to develop future-fit skills. This course does not require any prior experience in coding so professionals from different industries can enroll. ASB’s blockchain certification program is an ideal fit for :

Business analysts
Solution architects
Product managers
Project managers and team leads
Professionals working with managerial, strategic, or operational functions
Developers and software engineers
Technology leaders

The Learning Journey for?

This program has been designed keeping participant engagement in mind so you will engage in a mixture of:

Personalized coaching to improve your knowledge and skills
Audio content and digital videos distributing material created by some of the top leaders in the industry.
Exercises and quizzes are designed to help you understand and retain new information.
Work with both theoretical frameworks and real-world case studies and applications to understand blockchain in relevant business scenarios.
Dialogues and personal discussions with expert instructors via group sessions and discussion forums


Blockchain Trainings & Sessions.

Hands on Industry Trainings.

  • Outcome - Skill person ready
  • Ideas Generation


Allow investor Companies / new

ideas to incubate & Grow

  • Outcome - Skilled Resources to fulfill requirements


Success of 1st model

Economy business boost by Government

New companies invest in Punjab

  • Outcome - Employment


Success stories for incubation

Employment for companies

Course Details


Blockchain Developer Track


Class Room Training

With Core

Smart Contract In Solidity, Ethereum, Remix & Hardhat (IDE)

DAY 15
Integration Of Metamask And Wallet Connect

DAY 21
Building Front End With Web3 And Reactjs. Introduction To Microservices

DAY 31
Basics Of React JS Implementation Of Events Logs With DB Understanding Of AMM

DAY 41
All About Blockchain Nodes. Understand Trust Wallet. Openzepellin Standards

DAY 50 - DAY 60
Coding Standards. Smart Contract Security. Code Management Using Git.

DAY 90
Class Room Training Ends Certification Testing

Critical Core Skilling (Soft Skills)


Smart Contract Tech




Data Structures

Choose the Best Blockchain Certification Program in the Country?

This blockchain technology certification aims to bridge the skill gap between blockchain theoretical education and the actual work as well. Enrolling in this program can be your first step towards becoming a blockchain expert. Our blockchain certification gives participants the opportunity to earn a distinction by learning from the best minds in the blockchain industry.

Institute Fee Duration Additional Cost Industry Projects Training Approach Job Assistance
Wharton Executive Education Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets US$3,800 2 months Online NA No Academic,Discussion, Case Study etc. No
IIT Kanpur & Simplilearn, certificate in blockchain. 1,60,500 4 months Online NA No 70% Theory
30% Practical
IIT - Madras & Great Learnings, certificate in blockchain. 2,25,000 10 months Online NA No 70% Theory
30% Practical
The International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore 2,25,000 13 months Online NA No 70% Theory
30% Practical
Amity University 1,25,000 8 months Online Boarding & Lodging Cost No 70% Theory
30% Practical
International Institute Of Information Technology, Hyderabad In Association With TalentSprint 1,40,000 18 months Online Boarding & Lodging Cost No 70% Theory
30% Practical
Emurgo Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 1,40,000 4 months Online Boarding & Lodging Cost No 70% Theory
30% Practical
Antier School of Blockchain - 3 months Online NA Yes 80% Practical
20% Theory

Get Your ASB Blockchain Certification today!

Time to get recognized! Complete ASB’s blockchain certification and get a verified digital certificate upon completion. All participating individuals must complete over 85% of their required activities along with a capstone project to qualify for certification.

For any inquiry please reach out to:

Mask Group 26972

Vikram R Singh

Mask Group 26973

Shashi Pal

Frequently Asked Questions

1What do I need to create my own blockchain?
You need a business idea to create your own blockchain. Once you have identified your requirements, harness our technical expertise, breadth of experience, and domain knowledge to bring your idea to life.
2Can you fork Ethereum blockchain for me?
Yes, we can fork Ethereum blockchain, in addition to many other blockchains, such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche, Polygon, Algorand, TRON, Terra, and more.
3What is the cost to create a blockchain?
The cost to build your own blockchain would depend on various factors. You can connect with our subject matter experts to share your business needs and they can provide you with a no obligation quote for blockchain development.
4Can I come with a blockchain and ask you to improve it?
Yes! We are ready to jump in at any stage of the blockchain development process if we have complete information to proceed further.
5Why should I choose you for layer 1 blockchain solutions?
We are equipped with:
● 15+ years of technical experience
● 500+ blockchain experts
● 400+ client success stories
● Right people to deliver the right solutions at the right time

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