Antier a leading brand in Crypto Assets Management, is looking for a Golang Developer capable of writing custom blockchains and have good knowledge of C++ or Rust / Golang.

Antier – a leading blockchain development company – harnesses the power of blockchain and other technologies like distributed ledger and smart contracts to build scalable, asset agnostic applications such as white label exchange platforms (centralized, decentralized and P2P), smart wallets, ICO, STO, tokens and other enterprise blockchain solutions development. Our experts follow design thinking-driven approach to identify blockchain use cases and create intelligent strategies around the same to accelerate your deployments. Together, we are decentralizing the world by combining our deep domain expertise and rich experience to deliver blockchain solutions at enterprise scale.

Experience: 1-4 years

Required Skills:

1. Able to write programs with a compiled language (C/C++, Go, or Rust)

2. Must have knowledge of SQL Database programming.

3. Degree or equivalent in Software Engineering.

4. Problem-solving skills.

5. Excited to learn and develop blockchain technology (No experience yet? No problem!)

6. Possess a strong sense of ownership in your work, which drives you to find ways to do things better and faster.

7. Always up-to-speed on the latest technologies.

8. Constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to solve complex problems through rigorous experimentation.

9. Your communication style is open, transparent, and direct, and you consistently work in tight collaboration with your teammates.

10.Always open to feedback, new ideas, and opportunities for self-improvement.

11. Ability to work independently as well as collaborate with a small team of developers on various work streams and guide them on development tasks, perform code reviews and ensure design and coding are adhering to architectural standards.

We harness the potential of varied Blockchain platforms to deliver innovative enterprise grade blockchain solutions that make a difference. Get a chance to explore a completely new environment of working.