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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Semi-HD, multi-currency white label wallet tested by a user base of over 1,000 people, processing more than 10,000 transactions.

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Crypto Wallet Development Services that help you take the Lead

The increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies has elevated the demand for crypto wallets that enable quick, secure, and easy transactions. Businesses that capitalize on the opportunity to roll out a secure and user-friendly wallet are more likely to gain essential competitive edge and acquire more users.

At Antier, we can help you tap into the billion-dollar cryptocurrency market and amplify your revenue generation opportunities. We deliver business-oriented cryptocurrency wallet development services to help start-ups and enterprises quickly launch their crypto wallets. Our offerings include white label wallet development and building a custom wallet from ground zero. Regardless of the type of wallet you need – white label wallet or custom wallet – we follow a coherent roadmap to navigate your wallet development journey and accelerate the deployment process.

Take the lead. Embrace our white label crypto wallet solution to launch your wallet in just 3 weeks.

Why our White Label Crypto Wallet

For every wallet that we build – be it a white label wallet or a completely new multi signature Bitcoin wallet – we ensure the following:

How much can you earn from a Cryptocurrency Wallet

As a cryptocurrency wallet owner, you can make significant earnings from your wallet in terms of transaction fees.

Let us consider that you charge 0.05% transaction fee. Suppose that a user transfers 10 BTC worth $100,000 using your wallet. You, as a wallet owner, earn $50 as the transaction fee. It means that for every 100 orders, you can earn:

The transaction fee depends on a business model and can vary accordingly.

Work Flow of our White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet

Create your own Bitcoin wallet app and multi-cryptocurrency wallet like this in just 3 weeks.

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Features of our White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet

Security Features

What makes our White Label Crypto Wallet Secure

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development Services

We can not only build a customized wallet for you but also guide you on how to develop a Bitcoin wallet app
and multi-cryptocurrency wallet that helps you accomplish your goals.

Web Wallet

A web wallet, also referred to as online wallet, allows access to cryptocurrency via the internet. You can send, receive or access your crypto assets as long as the web wallet is connected to the internet.

Our blockchain engineers specialize in building customized web wallets reinforced with industry-leading security features, self-explanatory interface and allow seamless integration into an exchange.

Why should you build a web wallet?

  • Enables fast transactions
  • Facilitates management of multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Perfect to store minimal cryptocurrency
  • Convenient to use on the go

Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet works as an app on your smart phone. Like a web wallet, a mobile wallet can be accessed anywhere with internet connectivity.

We have expertise in building mnemonics-based mobile cryptocurrency wallets for iOS and Android platforms. Whether you need a multi-cryptocurrency wallet or a single cryptocurrency wallet, we underpin the wallet with world-class features for enhanced security and user experience.

Why should you build a mobile wallet?

  • Efficient for sending and receiving crypto assets on the go
  • Can be fortified with additional features, such as
    • Biometric authentication
    • QR code support to easily scan wallet address
    • Near Field Communication (NFC) support

Desktop Wallet

A desktop wallet is one of the safest options to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies, especially when it is not connected to the internet.

We build customized and highly-secure desktop wallets to cater our clients’ needs. A coherent roadmap coupled with mission-driven approach navigates our wallet development process to ensure faster and hassle-free deployments.

Why should you build a desktop wallet?

  • More secure – private keys are not stored on a third-party server
  • Easy to use
  • Does not need internet connectivity to operate when used as a cold storage

Bitcoin Wallet App Development

A Bitcoin wallet app is a perfect solution for Bitcoin traders.

Being an experienced Bitcoin wallet app development company, we build high-performance Bitcoin wallets that provide a secure environment to send, receive and store Bitcoins. Besides, our expertise spans Ripple wallet app development, Ethereum wallet app development, and more, depending on our clients’ business requirements.

Why should you build a Bitcoin wallet app?

  • Easy to use
  • Facilitates the process to send and receive Bitcoins
  • Allows access to your Bitcoins anytime, anywhere


Features $12,000 $16,000 $24,000
Secured authentication & authorization
Send & receive function
Admin panel
Windows/Linux/Mac Wallet
iOS app
Android app
Push notifications
Smart QR
Automatic generation of a new public key for each transaction + manual one-touch address generation
Payment gateway integration
Import/export private keys to a new wallet for the same user
Optional session logout
Optional password protection
Automatic denial of payment to the same address twice
Client-side private key storage
Device validation
Mobile-specific features
Biometric authentication
12-word mnemonic security
Legal Security
Legal Contract
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Features $12,000 $16,000 $36,000
Secured authentication & authorization
Send & receive function
Admin panel
Windows/Linux/Mac Wallet