Design and Implement Core Blockchain technology (Services, libraries, Algorithms) using Golang, Rust, Javascript

Design and Implement high security technology (Services, libraries, Algorithms).

Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code

Skills and Qualifications

Experience with Core Ethereum Architecture (Golang/Rust)

Knowledge of Tendermint Consensus Engine(compulsory)

Experience with Ethereum with Solidity and related tools (Truffle, Hardhat, geth, etc.)

Written smart contracts and deployed them to the Ethereum/Tron/Binance Smart Chain blockchain

Deep understanding of blockchain logic and infrastructure

Familiar with peer-to-peer networking

Experience with Test Driven Development

Good to have:

Familiarity with ERC standards and the Defi space

Familiarity with basic encryption techniques

Contribution to Open Source blockchain projects is a major plus