Design and Implement Core Blockchain technology (Services, libraries, Algorithms) using Golang, Rust, Javascript

Design and Implement high security technology (Services, libraries, Algorithms).

Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code


Minimum 2 Years

Skills and Qualifications

Experience with Core Ethereum Architecture (Golang/Rust)

Knowledge of Tendermint Consensus Engine(compulsory)

Experience with Ethereum with Solidity and related tools (Truffle, Hardhat, geth, etc.)

Written smart contracts and deployed them to the Ethereum/Tron/Binance Smart Chain blockchain

Deep understanding of blockchain logic and infrastructure

Familiar with peer-to-peer networking

Experience with Test Driven Development

Good to have:

Familiarity with ERC standards and the Defi space

Familiarity with basic encryption techniques

Contribution to Open Source blockchain projects is a major plus