Product Development

Antier’s product development services for offshore clients has garnered us quite a reputation with our clients—some of whom are happily running their business with our CRM apps, while others came for one project but decided to decided to return again and again for other projects too thus laying foundation of long-term partnerships. We take care of your product, from its pre-planning stages right up to its completion, test-runs and maintenance. We give you a business model to make it easy for you to operate online through internet. Give us a brief, and we shall deliver a fully-customised product using only the most advanced and practical technical knowledge. Through these products, we aim to help you grow, reduce marketing costs and rake in more business.

Case Studies

Vocab Champs

  • Client requirements

    The client wanted to have a cross-platform application which could help users to enhance their vocabulary by learning new words every day. In addition, client wanted the app to handle offline data as well.

  • What we served

    We developed the application using Hybrid framework to make the app cross-platform. The intuitive UI of this app makes it easy for users to learn words, give tests and view their weekly performance at different levels. To encourage app users, a certificate is sent to them at the end of each level. We used bar graph in this app to show user’s performance level.

  • Functions and Features

    • Free trial facility for first 15 days.
    • Handy on all the platforms like web, mobile and tablet.
    • Huge database for vocabulary words combined with dictionary.
    • List of user’s test.
    • Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • Technology Used:

    • Telerik app builder with kendo UI
    • HTML/CSS
    • MySQL
    • PHP
    • jQuery