Jurgen Fae

CEO, Negovation

“Antier goes way beyond development. From the very beginning they challenged our business idea to fully understand our interests and requirements. The professional way Antier handled our project helped a lot during the development process. A key role played the outstanding design competency. While we were looking for a global development company we found a long term business partner.”


Success is all about preparation. If you fail to
prepare, prepare to fail. A cloud hosted platform,
Negovation helps companies in collaborative
decision making.


Timothy Stokely

Founder, 121with

“I was lucky to come across Antier. The team is very professional, friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. The team covered my iOS app project from A to Z with the highest quality of service and speed of light. ”


An interactive iOS and Android platform that allows
celebrities to interact with their fans from across the
globe through video / audio calls.


Hugo Dermawan

Founder, PIPL

“It has been a pleasure working with Antier. The people in Antier are very friendly and open about their work, which is just as important as their expertise in the field of web and application design. I will not hesitate to choose Antier for future works and highly recommend them for their tremendous integrity, knowledge and work ethic in the field.”


A dating app for iOS and android platform users who
wish to build genuinely serious connections as the
app does not come for free. Its intuitive user interface
makes it stand apart from the competition.


When we say we develop smart efficient unique wonderful solutions, we mean it.


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